Three ways to throw a party for less than $50

My oldest daughter just celebrated her third birthday.In the months leading up to it, she kept talking about having a butterfly party. Since she’s so cute, I had to oblige.I also had to find a way to do it on the cheap. I love a good challenge and I love saving money....more

24 Things I Did When I Was 24

Because if you can't reflect on what you've accomplished on your birthday, when can you?...more

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 6: Birthday

Heart Yesterday was my Dear Other Half's thirty fifth birthday. ...more

You Matter -- Yes, YOU!

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday.  We all matter.  Each and everyone of us.  We even matter to people we have not, nor ever will, physically meet.  We matter.  You matter.  No 'matter' what you may think, you influence people.  People watch you.  People learn from you.  People are inspired by you.  You matter....more

Like White on Rice-Grandpap's Recollections

See, I got me one o' them Harvest Time birthdays, dropped smack dab plum dead on in the middle o' All Hallows Eve and Thanksgivin'....more

What Is Your Favorite Holiday Memory?

The prompt for NaBloPoMo for today was:  "What is your favorite holiday memory? (And yes, you can pick any holiday, including your birthday)"  Well, TODAY is my birthday.  Another trip around the sun.  Another year to reflect on.  Another..... year. ...more

Having a Ball since 1934- Celebrating 80 years of life

Denise Thanks so much Denise! Will do ;)more

27 Facts About Me (It’s My Birthday!)

Today’s my birthday, so I’m going to do something easy.  I’m 27 today, so I’ll write up 27 random facts about me. I’d also love to know some random facts about you guys, so leave some in the comments!1. I was in my high school chamber choir. It’s how I met Zach! He was a tenor and I was an alto. We didn’t start dating until college, though. Unfortunately, I lost my passion for music in my senior year. ...more

31 Things I've Learned at 31

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday.  31 was actually a great year for me, and I got to thinking about all the things I've learned about myself and others in the past 365 days.   Ladies & Gents, I bring you: 31 Things I've Learned at 31.---------------------------------------------------------------------...more