flight of the ladybug

"It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are."~ E.E. Cummings ~She wants to dress herself, but only in pajamas.She wants to wear un-na-wear, but not sit on a potty. ...more

#23til23: an introduction

Why March Is A No-Nookie Month

Nineteen years ago today, my life changed in a way I never could have imagined:I became a mom.It all started with the infamous “blizzard” of 1993 in Atlanta, GA. We actually got enough snow that year to cover the street, which, if you are familiar with living in the South, means that all normal ways of life come to an absolute stand-still....more

One Boy's Wish List is all about Others

In this season of "Want, Want, Want," and many children being overcome with a severe case of the "Gimme's"  I was astounded by the heart and generosity of one child- mine- when it came time to think about the gifts he wanted for his birthday.  When I asked him what he wanted for his upcoming 12th birthday, he replied very simply, "Nothing.  I have everything I need."As this isn't always the case with pre-teens who often feel compelled to ask for everything, I have to admit that I was a bit stunned.  Not that he's a selfish child, on the contrary- he's been known to give things away because the recipient didn't have that particular item, and he's always been concerned about the welfare of others.  I just assumed that like most years when it came birthday time he would easily call out a couple of items he had waited all year to ask for.  So, I pressed him again about what he would like his friends to bring him at his birthday party.  His response, "Socks.""Socks? What will you do with a ton of socks?" I inquired."I'll give them to people who don't have any.""Really?  You'd give up your birthday to those in need?" I responded."Yes, mom.  I have all I need."So, I told him about the only homeless shelter in our county.  This shelter works with families who are homeless, providing services, shelter, classes, and more.  He asked that I call them the next day and ask what top 3 items were needed, and those items are precisely what he put on his birthday list.He collect a ton of stuff: Clothes, money, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and so many of the items that the shelter needed to remain functional on a daily basis.  His final gift: he took a teddy bear to each of the 3 toddlers in residence at the shelter.  When asked why he felt it important to give a gift to the little ones he replied, "Well, the little kids couldn't make much use of the supplies, so it was important that they have something of their own."We're through his birthday, but now Christmas is upon us, and yes, initially he wanted to give that away too.  I applauded his giving spirit and told him we would certainly be involved in service projects and giving to charity, but explained that those who give gifts do it because they feel good about it and they want to give to him.  After careful persuasion he managed to come up with a few items he thinks it might be fun to get.I'm so impressed with his generosity, his leadership and example, and I can't wait to see how this boy leaves his mark on the world....more

The Pace of my Twenty-Third

A year ago, after I finished twenty-two milesfor the very first time in celebration of my twenty-second birthday, I had no doubt I would be running twenty-three at the end of the next November.  Maybe I could even hit faster mile splits during the second half and run on 3:20 marathon pace.  Well, some things just don't go as planned.  This year, I walked.  Not twenty-three miles, but forty-two minutes....more

A Mother's Note.

Last year on my birthday, my mother wrote a short paragraph and I posted it on the blog. This year, she came up with another note to post so I would have the day off from blogging. So with "sweating eyes" I typed it out and am posting now. I love my mother. I love my family. And this, is what I'm thankful for. Today Larissa is turning eighteen. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank God, the Creator, for giving us Larissa. Every year as Victor and then Larissa's birthday nears, my mind begins to wander back through memory lane....more

Ideas Needed for Random Acts of Kindness

Recently, a friend of mine went to the gas station and found an envelope taped to the pump.  Inside was a $20 bill with a note explaining that the giver wanted to do 30 random acts for her 30th birthday.  How awesome is that?...more

Five year plan

I hate the question "Where do you see yourself in five years?" I mean I HATE it. I don't really know where I want to be tomorrow or even later on today, since I change my mind so often and I have so many other lives to consider.  I have never ever known where I want to be in five years.  I never think that far ahead.  There is living in today, and there is not giving a shit about tomorrow.  I think I for sure have lived in today a little TOO literally sometimes.  Not a bad thing at all, since I'm still here and things are fine. ...more

The Facebook experiment turned light bulb moment!!!

  Ever wonder who really remembers your birthday? Ever wonder who has to be reminded? Well I did and I wanted to find out!!! So I decided to conduct a little personal experiment on my Facebook profile. Let me just say it turned out to be everything I thought it would be and more. ...more
Ah interesting. I can tell you that there are a lot of birthdays I don't remember without ...more

The New Stillness of Mothering

Parenting reveals how often you move or, more specifically how often you didn’t move before. Your understanding of motion and stillness is forever altered. You bring your baby home and there is constant motion -- scurrying for burp cloths, clanging about for gum gel, scrambling for a wipe. Then they are toddlers and your jerky movements are to swipe the lit candle from their reach, moving the cushion to break their fall, and swooping in to grab them before they actually kiss the back end of the strange dog. By the time grade school comes they are getting so fast that your movements are sometimes to keep up and other times it’s to hide the emotion when they say, “I’ve got it. I don’t need you, mama.”...more