Let's learn something: How to celebrate the important stuff

My birthday is this weekend. And I'm going to celebrate. All. Week. Long. (Maybe even longer...I haven't decided yet.)...more

Bittersweet Birthdays

Tomorrow my baby turns ten. Like any Mom, I love watching my children grow and become these amazing little people. And like any Mom, I also just want them to stay little forever. However, unlike some (most?) Moms, I actually get sad on my son’s birthday. Birthdays for the past few years with Brian have felt bittersweet to me. ...more
OMG this is so sweet....made my sonmore

A Letter To My Sister

So, it was my sister’s birthday the other day and since I could not be there in person, ocean dividing, I wrote her a letter. Last I heard, she replied back, I love you too.____...more

Glitter Letter Cake Topper

This has been the first year that Vaughn did not want something specific on top of her birthday cake. No Dora, no princess, no butterflies. All she wanted was a chocolate cake and something fantastic on top. Take it from me, when you're trying to impress a soon-to-be six year old girl the answer is always glitter. And the more the better....more
Thanks Denise!more

Weekend Off

Thanks to the fine quality of service Comcast delivers, I couldn’t blog yesterday due to “Circumstances beyond our control”…Argh!Jim’s surprise party went off without a hitch on Saturday and I think it was safe to say a good time was had by all.The food was fabulous, and I had gotten the party trays from Jim’s employer, T&F deli. The trays were really impressive....more

May Day Birthday

May Day, is not a commonly celebrated holiday in the United States, unless you have a child whose birthday falls on the date, like I do.Sixteen years ago, when I arrived at the birthing center on May 1st ,all the nurses marveled that I was having a May Day baby. In an epidural fog, I planned to research the holiday for when Abigail,was old enough to appreciate it....more

In love with Shakespeare!?!

Well today, 23 April 2014, has been a day filled with a gross amount of hype surrounding that great playwright and poet, William Shakespeare. Why today? If you haven’t already noticed, most scholars guesstimate that his birthdate was 23 April 1564. The basis of this is the fact that most babies of the period were christened within three days of their birth. The parish records from Strafford-upon-Avon have young Will being baptised on 26 April 1564. So “to be, or not to be” this is the date that the venerable Bard’s birthday is celebrated.Most of us have a love/hate relationship having been first introduced to his plays as school children, forced to study various school selected plays that had to be read and analysed in great detail, causing many of us great amounts of misery. Well the tragedies at least. The comedies are debatable. I have to admit I did enjoy the comedies....more

A to Z Challenge: On Offspring

We get a lot from our parents.  Not just our genetic makeup, but our values and traditions.  Our self-esteem and our value.  They help us gain confidence and set the example for how we should live our lives.  I've been thinking about my mother a lot recently.  Especially since I started counting calories and working harder on living a healthier life style....more

Thoughtfulness Wednesday: Happy Birthday E!

Thoughtfulness Wednesday: Happy Birthday E I know it's usually Thoughtfulness Thursday, but I have to break with tradition because today is E's birthday!...more