Thoughtfulness Thursday: Reflection

Sometimes I feel like my posts can be really surface. I know I've mentioned this before, but I really do strive to be honest with my readers. I don't just have products or clothes on my site for the heck of it...if I'm posting something, it's because I really do love it. To continue reading, visit: Xo,J...more

It Only Took 38 Years

Growing up I dreaded my birthday. It was a constant reminder of the turmoil my birth caused. I was the shame of a fourteen year old girl who was forced into marriage.There would be no hugs or kisses from my mother, none that I can remember anyway. What I do remember is the perpetual cold shoulder, the look of loathing in her eyes and the constant verbal abuse. Her leaving my dad only made it worse....more

Birthday weekend

Sunday I, God willing, turn 54.I am at the age where I enjoy a birthday weekend. I mean who wants to have a birthday in the office? I love my office but hey, I’d sooner sleep in, have breakfast out…you know what I mean? I am going to an open house on Saturday night with Jim.I’ll try to check in over the weekend, to let you how I am doing this weekend: here’s hoping you have a good weekend too!...more


This is my eight hundredth post. I can’t believe I have been doing this long. Today(12/19)is my nephew Gregory’s birthday-he is 24 years old today.I lost two of my buddies to heaven.Zush was younger and Kasia was a wee one when I started.Mom was sick and still around and Bob and I were care-givers.Jim and I lived in a different house.I wasn’t this close to finishing out my first career.Undisclosed location wasn’t even around. ...more

My 50/50 Challenge

Dec 12 - Let Them Eat Cake!

The Brothers GrimmHanau, Germany...more

Please Stop Growing Up. Thanks.

On the top shelf of my children’s closet, there is an old Pampers box taped sloppily shut. Inside that box is a plastic zipper bag that once housed a comforter or something. And inside that are dozens of tiny, baby blue fabric scraps of guilt....more

45 Ways to Celebrate My Birthday

Blooging and Novel Writing month is over.  Whew!  I survived!  Now I get to celebrate my 45th birthday.  Here's my plan.1. Wake up early to have peace and quiet.2. Blog and write freely.3. Check my birthday wishes on Facebook.  About four friends so far.4. Research my free gifts from businesses.  I got something from Sephora. 5. Check DVR for shows I can relax and watch.6. Read Harry Potter.  I read 2 chapters in 30 minutes last night....more

Last Day to Write My Novel

It was too easy of a project to blog everyday this month.  I did not reach my 50,000 word goal for writing my novel.  I am going to go to the local writing event at this church I attended.   I wonder if I can find an app that can convert my voice to writing.  Would that be cheating? I finished the plot in my head.  I just can't seem to type as fast as I think.  This goes along with the reading speed.  If I can only accomplish goals at the same rate as my thought patterns, I will be the most genius person ever. ...more

30 AFTER 30... The Adventure List

30 AFTER 30 (…the Adventure List)november 15, 2013 by jennifer kaufman 1 comment...more