The Sexualization of Lesbian & Bisexual Women

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a while now, because the extreme sexualization of lesbian and bi women has been driving me nuts.Like, really driving me nuts.When I first started identifying as bisexual about four years ago — before I really considered that I might be pansexual — I knew people, especially men, would think “that’s hot,” and consider me a little more promiscuous or open-minded....more

What My Momma Taught Me About Sexual Orientation

I’ve never written about this, so I am going to need lots of love and encouragement. I have no doubt there are going to be some haters. There always are. More than anything I sense my growing fear is the rejection of those people that I like and care about… but with authenticity comes risk, so here goes....more

What Bisexuality Is Not

I'm not entirely sure how to start this topic so I'll just say flat out: I'm a bisexual woman. For me this means I enjoy emotional and physical relationships with men and women alike. Let me tell you what, for me, this doesn't mean:It does not mean I'm confused about my sexuality.It does not mean I like 'playing gay' to turn men on.It does not mean I'm promiscuous.It does not mean I haven't found the right man or woman to turn me definitively one way or the other....more
 @scooterbus you made this worthwhile for me. thank you so much for sharing and many well wishes ...more

LGBT at Work - A Look at News and Stats

It's been a long time since I've written about LGBT issues in the workplace. I used to do so at least weekly but over the 4+ years I've owned my own business, I haven't had my finger on the pulse nearly as much. That is why this recent roundup of gays, lesbians, and trangendered folks in the workplace was of interest. This recent Chicago Tribune article provides a great roundup of LGBT Work Stats. Here's a few that really caught my eye: ...more

Blogging for LGBT Families Day Is June 1

Please join the yearly Blogging for LGBT Families Day festivities by posting on or before June 1 in support of LGBT families! All bloggers, of any orientation, identity, or parental status are welcome....more

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(written Jan. 9, 2011)...more


Written January 8, 2011...more


(Written Saturday, January 8, 2011)     So, she hadn't even gotten it when I saw her at work this morning. And so I of course had gotten no response from her, and spent last night, the birth day of my dear friend's children, both excited and happy about their arrival and terrified that I had ruined something that hasn't even really begun with 10.0....more


(written on 1/6/11 at 2:30 pm)This past week has really been almost too much. But it's been too much in wonderful, invigorating ways....more

Things You Don't Tell Your Doctor (But Should)

Great article-- I confess I am guilty, guilty of withholding information. I want to make 2 ...more