5 Ways to Make Photos Look Better on Your Blog

Let's talk about photos. There are ten million posts out there about how important photos are for your blog, and I've thrown in my own two cents about taking sharper photos, but this post isn't about taking better photos. It's about how to make your photos look better once you actually put them on your blog. Because there is nothing worse than having great photos that look terrible once you post them. ...more
These are excellent points, thank you for posting.more

The 10 Plugins Every WordPress Bloggers should Install

You are a new blogger or a blogger pro and you use WordPress? Then, you must have these plugins (or at least similar ones). I always tell my customers that these plugins are essential for a well working blog.With a huge plugins choice on WordPress it is sometimes dificult to choose to right ones. This is why I wanted to share with you my list of MUST HAVE PLUGINS....more

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Bloggers Make

I've made all of the mistakes below, and I still make them sometimes. For instance, grammatical errors happen because my first language is French. (Thank you, spellcheck!) After all, we are human, which means that we often make mistakes. Making mistakes is essential to the learning process and self improvement. But we still need to know what not to do, so here are 5 mistakes to avoid with your blog. ...more
MOMZYShop great and helpful post. I am a newbie blogger. 2 months old & all the advice is ...more


Astounding is an interesting word.Can be negativeCan be positive.Crap.  Shoot.  On which....more
Denise Welcome!!!  ASTOUNDINGmore

My Blog Plan - Planning For the Future

I'm not really sure what's up with me and logging (Do You Log Your Miles?) and planning, but I'm sensing a theme this year.I saw some blog posts about some planners this year which got me to thinking about getting myself one. I came across My Blog Plan and decided to give it a try....more

Happy Ninth Blogiversary to Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents

I remember sitting in our attic at my PC thinking “What should I say?” immediately followed by “Who will read it?” And then I wrote this first blog post in 2005. ...more

And Tomorrow brings...

Today's NaBloPoMo asks Where do you see your blog in one year? Five years?I will admit after seven years of blogging I am always surprised by previous posts from prizes to ruminations I have span a lot in just 7 years.In one year there will be a few milestones...more

Tell Me Why

From my blog, Take It EasyIt's true what they say. If you post more often, you'll get more people reading your blog. Not really rocket science, is it? Since I started on National Blog Posting Month I've had upwards of 800 page views, which is comfortably more than I was getting: October was a quiet month, with noticeably fewer views per day than in the year as a whole. I'd like to think that is because this is my eleventh post of the month, having only posted eight times before in 2014, and that there is a direct correlation between the two factors....more

Why the unfriend button has become very friendly.

Now I have to admit, I am a bit of a social media addict, I go through phases with the different platforms and some I avoid entirely. At the moment Instagram is my obsession. I love a good selfie and i've noticed particularly  in the UAE it seems to be a more a popular and responsive platform then Facebook.....though for anyone living in the ME region please let me know in the comments if you disagree.But enough about my Instagram love, there is a very simple reason I not as hot on Facebook anymore as I once was:...more