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blogging resources i couldn't live without

When I started my blog nearly two years ago, I had no idea all the work that goes into it. You don't just think up something clever, post it and have a million readers. You need to make your posts pretty and thought out, promote on social media and network your booty off. It's not the way to overnight success, so we all need all the help we can get. Here are just a few of the blogging resources that I couldn't live (or blog) without....more

Cookitgirl Under Construction

WWW.COOKITGIRL.COM is under construction. I am switching host to make the website Beautiful! Thank you for all your support.Ambar...more

Wednesday Whereabouts: New Blog!

Wednesday Whereabouts: New Blog! Well...the time has come to unveil my new site! This blog site will still exist but it won't be updated....more

Publishing Online without Worrying About Trolls and Abuse

The internet has been incredibly liberating for writers and bloggers who may not have journalism degrees but have a lot of to say about a particular subject or the world at large. It can cost less than $200 to get a .com up and running these days, and all it takes then is your own time to research and write articles/posts that people will engage and interact with....more
I am an novice blogger and yesterday, I got my first snarky comment.  It was actually on the FB ...more

May Hair and Beauty Goals...Working On Me & My Blog

I love setting goals each month in areas where I would like to see improvement. By posting them on my blog, it is a way for me to be accountable and forces me to do my best to reach each goal.  I title it hair and beauty goals but it includes those thing that makes us beautiful in other ways....more

How to Choose the Facebook Posts You Want to See

Every day I read Facebook posts complaining that they are not seeing posts from the pages they follow and that their own reach is about 1%. There is definately a way to see more of the posts from your favorite bloggers and if we spread the word, your readers will be seeing more of your posts too!  Here is how you can make this happen!

Happy Anniversary!

To me! To you! To my bloggy blog! Today marks six months that I have been blogging and I can honestly say that I can't remember not blogging. I feel like I have been doing it for years. I never imagined that I would enjoy blogging as much as I do. I love to browse the internet for inspiration. I love to create things. I love to find inexpensive solutions to design problems. Now I have an outlet to share the things that I love and the projects that I do with my friends, both old and new....more