Tumblr Takes Stand Against Eating Disorder Blogs

Easy to use and completely customizable, the platform is hugely popular with teens and 20-somethings, which has raised some questions about the content Tumblr allows users to post. Five years after its launch and facing an explosion of blogs that glamorize harmful behaviors such as eating disorders and self-injury, Tumblr has finally decided to modify its anti-censorship position and take a stand against self-harm. ...more
this is great! as someone who struggled with bulimia for 7 years and still continues to struggle ...more


Wow, this is my first post in 2012! We all have many expectation for this year so let's make it happen starting today.This is the first blog that I wrote. I really love this blog....more

Unprofessional Cookery, (Micro)wave Of The FUTURE, Now On Pinterest

Unprofessional Cookery strives to be a hip, happening part of the interwebs by whatever means possible.  We want you to like us....more

Nominated? What me??

A local paper here in Portland, Maine does an annual Best of Portland poll.  There is a huge awards event held after the votes are tallied and the winners are given placques to hang in a place of honor.  I was dutifully going through the ballot voting for favorite restaurants, bookstore, art venues, performers, etc.  When I came to the section on blogs I thought, "Oh dear, this is going to be one of those categories where I am not familiar enough with those nominated to vote."...more

Ok so I can post blogs now, so here goes..

So, I'm new to Blogher. An American friend of mine told me about this week when we got talking (over email - I'm from Ireland) about Blogging, which we both do. I'm only new at it - I started one here - but I can already see a slow addiction starting :) I wanted to start blogging for a few different reasons - in short - ...more
Welcome to Blogher! It's a great spot to share your thoughts and ideas! I also have two young ...more

Let's see can I post this....!

Feeling like a total blogging virgin right now. This is my third attempt to post this, so I'm not typing out my whole blog again for fear of it disappearing..again!! Here we go.. (deep breath)LJM x...more
It worked!more

Your Weekly Puppy Fix Dixie's continuing adventures...**these views do not reflect the physician group, hospital, nor any of the professional institutions nor associations with which I am affiliated....more

Making A Reader Friendly Weblog - What You Need To Realize

Creating your initial blog can be confusing, and most likely couple of beginners consider creating their weblog reader friendly. Accomplishing that feat will go far to guarantee you numerous returning visitors if you offer great value to them. That sounds simple and it can be relatively simple, however it takes sincere effort and correct attitude. But it all starts with making your existing readers feel good about your weblog....more


I got what is arguably the most ironic spam ever!My friend Sherry wrote a post for me a few months back about an authors "book tour survival kit".  Today, I got the most interestingly ironic spam on that post.  The spammer is trying to sell survivalist kits....more