Sensational Saturday - Better Blogging and Better Business

Sensational Saturday it is sensational to read interesting things and improve your skills as a blogger and as an entrepreneur.Each Sensational Saturday I am going to give you some great articles on blogging and business that I have found interesting during the past week. Be sure to check both sets of articles, there is often relevant overlap! For Bloggers ...more

Wonderful Wednesday - Take a Chance - Start a Blog

Wonderful Wednesday - it is wonderful to take a chance and start a blog.Each Wonderful Wednesday throughout the month of  November is devoted to taking a chance and starting something new. Last Wednesday was about taking a chance and starting a business.  In upcoming weeks the articles will be about tkaing a chance and writing an e-book and just taking a chance on something new and undetermined. This Wonderful Wednesday is all about taking a chance and starting a blog....more

The Silent Ass(assin)

There is a silent assassin in my parent's home.  The damn thing is a Ninja dressed in white. It attacks any passerby (okay, just me) without warning (like Ninja's tend to do) and it will leave its mark on you forever (or until you take a shower)....more
Hahaha!  I have been fortunate to have never been attacked by one! It looks frightening!more


I love writing my blog.  I love seeing my words on the screen, and knowing I put them there.  I get a head rush every time I hit the PUBLISH button, and don't ask the excitement that ensues over here if I get a comment posted;  it's almost as thrilling as when I was chosen to be a safety patrol in sixth grade.  (Okay, I wasn't chosen, I begged to be part of the force, and then pretended I was Julie from the Mod Squad.) ...more

How do you make Social Media Work For You?

Okay, you have written your blog and now what?  How do you share your blog in order to leverage social media such as Facebook, Twitter, SMS, Email... ?  Does it help?I always found it time consuming to go out to each platform to post what I want to say...  anyone else have the same problem?...more

Just a Bit of Business

I need to take time today to just cover a bit of business so please bear with me...When visiting my blog, please click on the ads!  I'm not asking you to buy anything...just click on the ads.  My blog generates income off the number of ad clicks.  Granted, it's only a couple of cents per click, but it adds up!  If you would be so kind, please click when you're done reading each day's post....more

Blogging: What I've Learned So Far - Part 1

 It's been almost a month since I began blogging. In this time, I have learned an abundance of information. I've searched high and low, read well over 500 articles and browsed thousands of blogs. This is what I've learned so far:...more


Vision- Im getting pulled in by the tide, the waves stretching and reaching to take me away. Im grapsing at the sand. The sand? Yes, anything, trying to hold onto the shore so I’m not pulled out into the unknown. The crashing, the rushing, the water in my ears. I’m swimming against stream to avoid. To delay, to exert control. I lose gripping of the sand, my legs tired of trying to beat the tidal pull. And in the midst of tossing and tumbling in the salty waves, I return. I calm down, I glide, I am as fluid as the molecules tumbling over each other....more

A fine line between bragging and sharing?

I find myself being accused of bragging recently, and I think it might be true. Is that wrong? As women in the workplace, we learn that the only way to be heard and get ahead is to be assertive. We force ourselves to put our modesty aside as we sell our strengths to our supervisors in reviews, to potential employers in interviews, to fellow coworkers so they respect us, etc. We fine tune this skill to stay in the game because we have to....more
So often we feel pride in our accomplishments, but also feel it tactless and fatheaded to ...more