Blog Tour: The CONduct Series by Jennifer Lane (Teaser)

Today, on my book blog, I host the amazing Jennifer Lane, who is promoting her books in The CONduct series.  A love story that blossoms between two parolees... If that intrigues you, go over and visit my site!...more

November 8th - In Which I Await Godot

 In Which I Await Godot. Waiting on news from the University I applied to is making me slightly insane.But, only slightly. :) ...more

Blogging For A Month Of Migraines?

I found this site through a search on National Blog Post Month. WEGO Health is having a month long blog challenge too so I thought I would be able to combine these two into one big happy blog!Day One - If I Were To Write A Book In The Future....Day Two - My Reality TV Show...more


Web Success Team’s 16 Online Marketing Recommendations

The Web Success Team follows a wide variety of online marketing experts so we thought that we would create an annual summary of those that we like the best or highly recommend. Every category from SEO to content curation and social media all have an expert or platform that can help you stay organized or teach you about cutting-edge, innovative techniques....more

votes in bloglandia

We were nominated some time ago for "Best Special Needs Blog" over at Parents magazine. I was thrilled - and perhaps slightly horrified that I was thrilled because well, I'm not supposed to be excited over stuff like that, right? But in all honesty, I am. It feels good to feel as loved as you've all made me feel, with the support, comments and good vibes you've showered over me, over Moxie - and Micah and Mikey. Our whole fam-clan. It makes the fuzzy warm butterflies go nuts in my heart. ...more

My Introduction to BlogHer

Hello there!...more
@Denise Thank you! :)more

follower fever

How many followers should a blog have? Well, I've been thinking about that for quite a while now... See, many people say blogging is not all about followers, that only leaders need followers and all that jazz....more
Comments and emails is what makes blogland so much fun! You never know what you will read next ;)more

Guest Posting at Scary Mommy Today

Good Morning (or Afternoon or whenever this gets to you),I'm guest posting at Scary Mommy today, so please find today's post, Loving Life Despite Myself, by clicking the link.In other news, I may have won an apron signed by Chef Robert Irvine! I will keep you posted!Oh, and it's raining. Still.  ...more

The Best Laid Plans

In the coming week or so, I'm planning some changes to my blog.  I will be adding additional pages with more content. I'll be adding, over time, more book reviews and hopefully more product reviews.  I already have one great product review on tap for next week.  I am also planning on adding more photos to the postings.So, my darling followers...please bear with me!!  HTML still has the capacity to kick my butt and I will do my best to make the transition as painless as possible for all of us!All prayers are welcome!!...more