La música de mis tacones

Tenía 14 años cuando me puse mis primeros zapatos con tacones, creo que del tacón número cinco, en color rosa pastel y eran el complemento ideal cuando fui dama en la boda de una tía....more

Hello World

Hello,This is my blog. By writing this I have offically become a blogger. It was a suprisingly easily thing to become, I simply chose a name and jotted down a few lines. Seeing myself as a blogger with something worthwhile to say will be a different story.I'm not sure what this space will become; but I do know that I like to read people's stories. I like honest real stories that don't shy away from the messiness of life. So I promise to write about my life, my faith, and my relatinships even when they aren't neat and beautiful. ...more

Happy FIRST Birthday, Housewife Plus!

Blogging is dumb.I heard that a few times when I started the Housewife Plus project. The first few months I wrote were boring, unfunny, and totally in secret. No one knew I had a blog. I wrote about everything in the beginning. I had no centralized theme or niche figured out yet....more

The One Blogger Skill

I think we have transitioned the editorial calendar from print to internet because newspapers ...more

Why I moved from Blogger to WordPress

In early October 2013, I officially made the move from Blogger to WordPress. Most days I don’t regret my decision. I mentioned when I returned from Type-A Conference that it was something I needed to do (and should have done a long time ago) and there were a few questions as to why I needed to make the move. So here goes (and hopefully you’re still getting my feed so you can see this!)...more
A million thanks! I’ve been hesitating for a long time whether to migrate my Blogger content to ...more

Who Am I?


5 Steps to the Perfect Blog Name

Sugar Spice and Sparkle just seems so obvious to me.  That is now, after several weeks of non-stop brain storming....more

Blogtober 2014: Favorite Posted Instagram Picture

This is one of the best writing prompts ever! I love love love Instagram so it was quite difficult to choose just one picture that is my ultimate favorite. I thought of several ways to have categories of favorites like one for the dogs, one of muh frandsss, one from TBT edition, and of course faves of my Hunter bear. Man, this was hard! ...more