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My blog site Thank you for joining me over this last month.  I hope I have written something...more

Inspiring Links for Writers

The links below are a roundup of just some of the most inspiring ones during the entire Writing 101 course. The reading material provided was key in getting all my assignments done! Thank you Blogging U! :)I Write Because – It was really motivating reading the reasons why all these writers write....more

Sunday Photo Fiction - Time

Sunday Photo Fiction challenge!...more

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The 11th Commandment - Thou Shall Not Read the Comments

The 11th Commandment of Blogging is "Thou shall not read the comments." For the most part, the people who visit your own blog, and keep coming back for more, well, they're your peeps. I'm clearly not talking about them....more

Shift Worker

 1st ShiftWake up, wake up again. Get up, get ready for work. Wake the kids up, start prepping breakfast. Wake the kids up again. Get kids ready for school. Drop them off. Get to work. Late. 2nd ShiftDay job. 3rd Shift...more

New York Industrie outfit!

Get To Know Me

I want to do a monthly "get to know me" post, where my readers can ask me stuff about myself, my family, products I use, routines, Josiah's treatment, etc. So I will start it this time, but over the next few weeks feel free to email me or reach me at any of my social media links, with a question you would like answered for the following month. ...more