8 Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

If you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet, you are missing out! Just like old-school scrapbooks, Pinterest is a place to organize images you find interesting or inspiring. You can create customized, themed boards. It is a lot of fun. But once you’ve gotten the basics down, here is how to find more followers!...more

Welcome, guest posters!

My first time attending a BlogHer conference was for BlogHer '12 in New York City. The conference fell smack dab in the middle of my attempt to stick to a daily blogging schedule for the entire year, and you know what? I did it! ...more

Bloggers: Use Your Power for Good

Wasn’t it Glinda the Good Witch in The Wizard of Oz who said, “Dorothy, use your power for good, not evil?” Blogs have power, and they’re the ideal place to inspire readers and lift them up. Blogs give you an opportunity to express your love and appreciation for family and friends, and to publicly acknowledge the nice things people have done fo...more

An Open Letter to Steve Harvey

I've followed the career of Steve Harvey for years now, from The Steve Harvey Show (with Romeo & Bullethead) to his comedy specials on cable TV, Family Feud, his new daytime talk show & on the radio. I have always had a very high opinion of him. The work he is doing mentoring young men is amazing. Last week, he said something on his radio show that didn't sit well with me. It was regarding some bloggers that didn't agree with his opinions on the whole Mimi Faust sex tape ordeal. ...more

Beautiful Day #LinkyParty

Amber @ Fit, Foodie RunsJoin this awesome #LinkyParty. Not only do the hosts comment on all links, but also like new facebook pages and feature 3 the following week. Not to mention...some posts are featured on FB too leaving maximum exposure for you!...more

Bloggers – Beware of 4Sponsor!

Bloggers – Beware of 4Sponsor!  Watch out for this! They really pay $1!  ...more

What Bloggers Need to Know About Social Signals in 2014?

Social signals are those little numbers you see at the side of Facebook posts. Every social media platform calls them something different. Facebook calls them ‘likes’, Twitter calls them ‘retweets’ and Pinterest calls them ‘repins’. They’re all the same thing, though. They measure the popularity of a post. As a blogger, you need to pay attention to social signals. People have asked are social signals worth anything, and Google has confirmed social media is essential; by implication this makes the signals worthwhile. ...more

My Top Six - Pet Peeves

What are some of the things that annoy you? I'm so annoyed, that unlike most people who have a top five, I could only narrow mine down to six....more

One Blogger's Amazing Takedown Of Martha Stewart

One Blogger's Amazing Takedown Of Martha Stewart ...more

Blogging: Would You Promote a Brand Exclusively?

There are milestones in a blogger’s life that signify how far they’ve gone after all their hard work. Receiving an offer for sponsorship for the very first time, for instance, is a milestone. Selling an ad spot on your blog for the first time is another. But when brands approach you and ask to partner up, do you say yes if the contract comes with exclusivity terms?I have been debating this question with myself in the past few days. I wonder what other bloggers do; do they say no automatically? Do they say yes if the price is right?...more