Stuff Bloggers Say (To Photographers)

Let's be clear, I'm not here to throw shade. I am not a tall ass Palm Tree. ...more

Top 3 Proven SEO Tips for Bloggers

You as of late obtained a domain name and got a blog facilitated on it. With a some espresso in your grasp and the delightful climate outside your window, you are demonstrated a clear white screen to compose the main ever post for your blogTry not to misunderstand me, yet this is the most pivotal time for you to confront. The inquiry you could ask yourself is "What should i write on?"...more

Conference ROI: How to Connect Before You Leave

The best part of the #BlogHer16 conference is all the new online content creators you'll meet. The most overwhelming part of the #BlogHer16 conference is all of the new online content creators you'll meet. It's a good conundrum, because there are important things you can do to make sure those new connections actually mean something. You know what I mean? ...more
BlogHer stirrupqueen plastic bag-genius!more

Should You Start a Blog?

I have been asked many times by many people whether or not to start a blog for financial gain, and so here’s the truth. If you are asking me this question, my answer is going to be an unequivocal NO. No, you should not even contemplate starting a blog if you are on the fence and need to ask someone if it is worth it. If your plan is solely to make money, and not enjoy the act of writing. I clearly think that it IS worth it, but here are some things I also know. ...more
lorilovesparis I am sorry to hear about your job loss. That is no fun. There is definitely money ...more

5 Steps to Letting Go of Your Focus on Blog Stats

You know it's a bad idea to get obsessed with your blog stats, but how do you stop it from happening? Image: Blue Fountain Media via Flickr via Creative Commons license How to Know You're Obsessed You are in a crabby mood; glum facial expression, stomping about, loud sighing and you have let the odd door slam shut. ...more
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5 Stages: Letting Go of Your Blog Stats Obsession

Emotional Attachment to Blog Stats. You are in a crabby mood; glum facial expression, stomping about, loud sighing and you have let the odd door slam shut. Anyone would think you'd just received some bad news; like being told you didn't get your dream job or being told your car is going to cost a small fortune to repair at the garage or being forced to watch your beloved pet cat finally decide to go live with the woman up the street who it has been secretly cuddling (behind your back) for years....more

Are Bloggers the Ultimate Narcissists?

My biggest fan (my mom) has tried to get several of her friends to read my blog over the past two years....more

How Do You Define Love?

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and what better way to celebrate than to celebrate the word, LOVE. Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines love as: ...more

Gift Guide: Gifts for Bloggers under $100

 *This post contains affiliate links, these links do not cost you anything- well, unless you decide to buy something- there is NOT an added charge. When you use the links you help me keep this blog running annnnnd you may even buy me a coffee. Ummm......more

My Ultimate Legion of Bad Ass Black Chicks: Sisters With Voices

I’m down with a legion of bad ass black chicks. We live in a world where the voices of black women are constantly being stifled and if any sister has an opinion other than the status quo, she is ostracized.  It appears that calling out racism, sexism or any other “ism” that we endure is met with cynicism, sarcasm and just blatant disregard/ disrespect. I like to think that I align myself with brilliant sisters that kick ass and take names for a living.  We are activists, mamis, lovers, amigas, sisters  and daughters....more