Smile and Be Kind to Someone Today

Today is World Smile Day! Did you know there was such a thing? I didn't until just last week, but here it is, World Smile Day 2012.It started in 1999 as a day to spread smiles and kind acts to one another. Certainly every day is a good day to do that, but maybe today we can pay special attention to share kindness. The basic idea is this:...more

My First Blog Meet Up!

This past weekend, I got to meet a blog friend of mine, Nikki from My Life My Way!  This was my very first blog meet-up, and I was really excited to meet Nikki after emailing with her almost every single day and learning about her life for months!...more

How Bloggers are Like Seventies Rockers as the True Voices of Their Times

Bloggers have become some of the least-censored cultural voice of our time, much like musicians were to the 1960s, 70s and 80s. With complete autonomy to say what we think, to interpret the world in our unique way, bloggers are free to say whatever we want. Like musicians, there are bloggers who appeal to some and not others -– there are those voices that ring true for hundreds of thousands, and those that have an audience of a dozen or so. ...more
 @tiasavingcents rock on back at you!more

blog envy

Let’s talk about blogs.  Some are snarky and edgy.  Some are serious and make you darn happy you don’t have a seeing-eye-dog.  But most are just fun and pretty, with creative names like "farm-girl-flower-power-cookie-pants" that make you want to stop by and visit, like you’re an old friend popping over for tea.  Except with handmade sugar cubes and madelines and hostess gifts wrapped in brown paper and twine....more
Brilliant, beautiful, you captured it!  A lament full of sparkle and fun ... to make us eager to ...more

You like me, you really like me!

Two of my fellow bloggers, TangledLou at Periphery and Kat at My View Through Kat ...more

Things I Love – Day 5: Amazing Bloggers

If you look on my blogroll, I have quite a few blogs listed, all written by some amazing authors. Every day, it seems I find another new one that I add to my Reader and most will eventually land on my blogroll....more
@sassymonkey Rebecca is great! I don't know how she does it.. always great recipes!more

Comfort Zone Shake-up: Stories and Tips from Around the Web

Since I started blogging, I’ve been trying to get myself out of the whole “too timid and squeamish” thing by getting out of my comfort zone. For this post, I wanted to feature the experiences of others, and I asked for stories and tips.***From Katy Widrick:...more

Guest Bloggers Wanted

Hello all. I am looking for guest bloggers who are interested in providing my blogs with interesting content. Feel free to check out my blogs and inbox me with your posting ideas. The links to my blogs are: and http://www.omgdotmedia.blogspot.comTil then...have a good one!Thanks,Nikki

Bullies and Cliques

Actually Mummy......more