Are Facebook and Twitter Replacing the Need to Blog Among the Younger Generation?

An article by Bob Speyer about the changing online marketing world.Marketers need to adjust to the demands of the marketplace. Today’s younger generation are further distancing themselves from us older “geeks” by redefining how they look or view the world. One obvious example is the Social Revolution that began in Tunis, energized in Egypt and spread to the entire Arab world....more

New Blogger Challenge Promoting Sleep Awareness Week

Just found this! I'm in..anyone else?Introducing One Week to A Better Night's Sleep Blogger Challenge A weeklong challenge that aims to get bloggers worldwide involved in spreading sleep awareness and supporting sleep health in honor of National Sleep Awareness Week.The WifeMan Wife and Dog BlogTales From a Rookie Wife's Life....more

5 Cool Valentine's Day Gifts Bloggers Should Ask For

Bloggers are a special breed. (Like you don’t know that already.) When it comes to the perfect gift, we’d pretty much just happy just to have you stumble our posts and retweet our links. But when it comes to Valentine’s Day, something a little more romantic is called for. ...more

I am a sucker for anything with handmade art, especially children's art. There are many more ...more

#Blissdom Day 1: What I Learned Today ...

Today I learned: Some people are just as friendly as they seem online.... Some are not........more

#Blissdom Day 1: What I Learned Today ...

Today I learned:...more

Guest Post: Your Financial Big Picture: Why Estate Planning is an Investment in Your Family's Future

Background Information I recently noticed this post shared by Danielle G. Van Ess on her Facebook page....more


  This land is your land, this land is my land, this land is their land too.  Isn't it? A pickup ventured into an upscale beach city. It was older, had out of state plates, and a bale of hay and a dog in the back. It needed a wash. It probably did not have air conditioning as the driver’s window was rolled all the way down exposing a tanned elbow. Snazzily dressed and elegantly shoed passersby with salon haircuts stopped, pointed, shook their heads....more

My Most Difficult Blogging Moment

I still remember the shock of it all, and how very personally I took it. I had told myself that it wouldn’t happen to me, that I wasn’t that type. Those kinds of things happened to others, the other kind of people. And, if it did happen to me, I wouldn’t be affected. Other kinds of people were pulled into that, but I’m not other kinds of people. I’m solid and rock steady and sure of myself. Turns out I was that other kind of people. ...more
Its a scientific fact that incivility has more of an effect on us than the reverse. We remember ...more

Blog Hop. Come Post Your Blog

I have started a blog hop on my site . Come by and post your blog on both, One has 240 blog sites on it that your link will show up on. The other I just started, so get in now and your blog will stay at the top.  ...more