My BlogHer '10 Business Cards, and What You Should Think About When Designing Yours

[Editor's Note: While this post references BlogHer '10, the advice about creating effective business cards is still top notch. I thought for those of you preparing for BlogHer '11 this post could serve as a great support to your experience. Thus, no worries - it is STILL 2011 and BlogHer '11 is in San Diego regardless of what references are made within the post. Enjoy! -PaulaG] ...more
I live in beautiful Palm Beach County, Florida.  I am a Training Instructor in Employee ...more

Asian American Bloggers at BlogHer '10

One of the best parts of the BlogHer '10 experience was getting to meet and greet many of the wonderful Asian American bloggers I've been following, as well as meeting new Asian American bloggers, too.  Be sure to check out their blogs!...more

I Am the Acorn: What I Learned at BlogHer '10

"Hi, I'm Megan. I blog at An Acorn Dreaming. What's it about? Well... um... I write about, you know, my life and my kids and, um, stuff like that. It's a personal blog. Kind of a slice of life thing, you know. The acorn? Oh, that's a symbol of potential, you know, like the possibility to become something big like an oak tree. So, uh, I'm the acorn, you know, growing and stuff..." Yes, I actually said that. I actually said that countless times at BlogHer, and it sounded stupider each time. ...more

Congratulations on finding your purpose!

I enjoy the readership numbers and comments; they ...more

The greening of BlogHer '10: is conference swag untouchable?

I have just returned from a whirlwind trip to the Big Apple, AKA New York City.  I attended my first BlogHer conference. If you don’t yet appreciate the huge force that women bloggers represent, this conference would make you see differently. Two thousand four hundred women bloggers under one roof. And, apparently, we aren’t just conversing with our own readers in isolation, which can sometimes be a limiting echo chamber. So many of these women knew each other, online and offline....more

(SLIDESHOW) The People of BlogHer ’10: Official Photos (Friday)

BlogHer '10 officially kicked off on Friday morning with a well-received welcome message from Lisa Stone, Elisa Camhort Page and Jory Des Jardins. Add in some sessions, a bunch of women running through New York City in tutus, really good food, lots of talking and meeting new people, laughter, tears and some really amazing art and you have one amazing whirlwind of a day. ...more

Hacked: Senator Gillibrand Asks Bloggers to Help Defuse the Cyber Security Minefield

I spent the early part of the week surrounded by FBI agents. Partnering with Fordham University, the FBI held the second International Conference on Cyber Security (ICCS), diving into some of the critical issues that affect Americans in terms of cyber security, cyber crime, cyber war, and cyber terrorism. In other words, anything hackers can do to us online, wreaking havoc and making us miserable. The result? Not what I expected. We're making some progress, but not enough. ...more

I have to admit with as much time as I spend online this is something I don't think about no ...more

Tips For Eating A Healthy Diet at BlogHer '10

Are you going to BlogHer '10 in New York? Will you be trying to stick to a healthy diet while you're there? Sadly, I won't be able to make it to BlogHer this year. But if you're lucky enough to be attending, you might be wondering if it's possible to stick to a healthy diet while you're in New York. If so, here are some quick tips for making healthy food choices on-the-go and at BlogHer '10. ...more
Great advice and much cheaper than buying food at eat take away places.more

No Excuses Allowed: Tackling The #1 Reason Women Don't Run For Office

In 2004 and again in 2008, Jennifer Lawless (Director, Women & Politics Institute, American University) and Robert Fox published reports that examine why women don't run for elected position. The first was called Why Don't Women Run For Office?, and Why Are Women Still Not Running For Office? was the follow up. Both reports eventually were published as books.  ...more

I love your enthusiasm. Like you I would like to see gender parity in politics, but ...more

10 Things You Can Do or Bring to Make Your BlogHer '10 Greener

If you’re nothing like me, you’re already packing for BlogHer10, or at least making a list of things to remember to bring. (I always toss everything into my suitcase the night before and pray.) I’m here to remind you to bring a few items that can make your trip a little greener. Yes, it’s true that BlogHer has done a lot of work to ensure the conference is as eco-friendly as possible. (Read all about BlogHer10′s Green Initiatives.) But providing for the needs of 2,000 attendees is a monumental task, and the organizers can’t do it all. That’s where personal responsibility comes in. ...more

I did not attend the conference but still found your post very helpful....I can certainly use ...more