Announcing: BlogHer '11 Room of Your Own Submissions Are Open!

Last week, we announced BlogHer '11 Programming, Step One: The BlogHer-Programmed Session Schedule. Today we're launching the Room of Your Own Submission process....more

I know it's odd, a quirk of Drupal, but it's a toggle button. You click on I would attend, and ...more

Rewriting the New York Times Headline: Blog Use Wanes Among Teenagers

Here's the interesting thing: Blog use is indeed significantly down amongst teenagers. Half as many "blog" now versus in 2006. And those in the 18-33 cohort show about a 2% decline. Yet more of those who are 34+ are blogging, leading to an overall increase. Yes, despite the headline (which, let's acknowledge: The reporter probably didn't write) there has been about a 25% increase in number of "all adults online" who blog. ...more

And thanks for the reminder. When my kids get up into the double digits, I'd like to think ...more

Announcing BlogHer's Newest Event: BlogHer Handmade '11

Lisa, Jory and I are thrilled to announce the latest addition to the BlogHer Conferences family: BlogHer Handmade '11. ...more

i love BlogHer and I love The Creative Connection! Counting down the days!
Kathy ...more

Announcing BlogHer Food '11, May 20-21 in Atlanta, GA!

Today, I'm thrilled to announce the dates and venue for BlogHer Food '11, our third annual foo...more

And it's getting close, huh?

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Give the Gift of BlogHer. 20% Off Blogger Tix to BlogHer '11 Through 12/31!

We've gotten caught up in the Black Friday/Cyber Monday spirit here at BlogHer, and we've seen some really fun tweets along the (totally paraphrased) lines of "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth -- and a ticket to BlogHer!"   That inspiration has led to our first-ever holiday discount for bloggers who want to attend BlogHer. ...more

Look forward to meeting you in San Diego :)

Elisa Camahort ...more

The Gift That Keeps on Giving: The BlogHer Voices of the Year Raise $5,400 for Charity

Nearly six months ago we announced the BlogHer Voices of the Year Gala and Gulf Auction with the first group of art pieces. And two months ago, the auction wrapped up. Today we are pleased to announce that last week BlogHer sent a check in the amount of $5,400 to the Nature Conservancy, in support of their Gulf restoration efforts....more

I love that it raised so much money. I love my photograph, though I really can't decide if it ...more

Join BlogHers December 7: Celebrate the Holiday Season in San Francisco and New York

BlogHer's annual holiday meet-ups are back!  So join us in celebrating the holiday season with your blogging buddies! ...more

Excited to hear you still got together in Albuquerque.

We got another 250 books to donate to ...more

BlogHer Food '10 Virtual Conference Pass: Don't Miss a Thing!!

Today we are excited to announce a new feature of BlogHer Conferences: The BlogHer Virtual Conference Pass. Each year, each conference we hold sells out ... sometimes months in advance ... and that leaves a lot of potential attendees holding awesome Pity Parties. Or planning their own local meet-ups. But what better activity for a Pity Party (even a Pity Party of one!) than to actually watch the conference happening live, and join in a live chat with others doing the same? ...more

Yes, it turns out we only are missing the first break-out sessions. So if you buy the current ...more

New Feature: BlogHer Meet-ups Everywhere and Anytime

BlogHers like to meet up. We've been having pre-conference meet-ups in various cities for several years now. This year we noticed people were scheduling post-conference meet-ups. Now we're even planning during-conferene "Pity Party" meet-ups for those who can't attend conferences in person. Oh, and not to mention holiday meet-ups, summer meet-ups, Valentine's Day meet-ups. Turns out we don't need much of an excuse to replicate the experience (and the joy) of meeting face-to-face on a smaller scale. Everywhere. And anytime....more

Thanks for the explanation, Elisa. I was wondering about that, too.

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Announcing the BlogHer ’11 Call for Ideas!

UPDATE as of 12/22/10: Due to the volume and quality of submissions, we are delaying release of Phase 1 of BlogHer '11 programming until after the holidays, mid-January. This will also delay the launch of the Room of Your Own submission process, since Room of Your Own submissions are designed to fill holes in the Phase 1 programming. We know this extra time will help our seventh annual conference have the best, most original and creative, programming ever! Thank you for your patience. -Elisa Announcing the BlogHer ’11 Call for Ideas!  ...more

Is the one you should wait for at this point. We're done taking new submissions for the Phase 1 ...more