BlogHer '10 Speaker Guidelines: The Philosophy Behind BlogHer Sessions

When planning the first BlogHer conference back in mid-2005, we knew we wanted our session format to be a bit different than the conference norms at the time. Interactive. Engaging. Participatory. Practical. And no shilling (aka commercials or stump speeches masquerading as usable content and actionable information).We enlisted the help of a volunteer to draft our initial Speaker Guidelines and then worked with a volunteer committee to fine tune them. ...more

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Updated With Links: Announcing the 2010 BlogHer Voices of the Year!

Today we are pleased and proud to announce the 2010 BlogHer Voices of the Year! ...more

...for including me in such an incredible list of finalists. Creating Gwen's site was so fun ...more

UPDATED: NINE MEET-UPS THIS WEEKEND: Announcing More Pre-BlogHer '10 Meet-ups in TWENTY-ONE Cities!

Last week we kicked off the pre-BlogHer '10 Meet-Up series with a wonderful evening in New York City. But never fear, we have eight more meet-ups to announce, in cities all over North America! ...more

I have something else going on that morning--as long as that wraps up in time I'll be there! ...more

UPDATED TIMELINE: Announcing the 2010 Version of the Community Keynote: The Voices of the Year

"For me, blogging has always been about two things: quality writing and community." - Maggie Dammit, commenting on Surrender Dorothy ...more

Congratulations to all the winners!Y'all deserve it!


Announcing the BlogHer '10 Voices of the Year Gala and Art Auction, Curated by kirtsy

In 2008, BlogHer hosted our first The Community Keynote and birthed a tradition. Featuring diverse voices from across our community, the Community Keynote - The brainchild of Eden Kennedy - made us laugh and made us cry. ...more

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UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: BlogHer and Sponsored Bloggers: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Last year the BlogHer Conference saw a new phenomenon: Individual bloggers sponsored by companies to represent them at the conference. We issued guidelines for sponsored bloggers last year, and after gathering a lot of feedback both during and post-conference, we are updating those guidelines for 2010.UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: We thought it would be a good idea to chime in and add two new FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) to the original list, so please check them out!  ...more

I hope to be at's there or bust I tell you!!!

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Announcing the first BlogHer '10 Pre-Conference Meet-up: June 9th in New York City

Let the pre-conference build-up begin! ...more

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Voices of the Year: We're Extending the Submission Period and Enabling Private Submissions!

Less than a month ago we were thrilled to announce and open submissions for the evolution of the community keynote: The BlogHer 2010 Voices of the Year. ...more

Nearly everyone does it, you know. In fact, I've done it several times already and I'm ...more

Announcing the BlogHer '10 Party Plan!!

You may have already seen the BlogHer party tweets flying around, so allow me to explain this year's party plan and how it all came together. A little background: Last year, we listened to all of the post-BlogHer '09 feedback and mulled over how to respond to it, both in the moment, and with policy changes for BlogHer '10. One of the things we committed to handle differently was BlogHer parties. ...more

I'll be chillin'. Unless I can get the Sparklecorn link to work.

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Announcing the Second (and Final) Crop of Room of Your Own Sessions at BlogHer '10!

Today we're excited to be announcing the second (and final) crop of Room of Your Own selections for the three remaining tracks: Change Agents, Personal Identity, and Professional. ...more

This is such a great lineup. Really looking forward to hearing the conversations that come out ...more