Versatile Blogger Award

The blogging community can be a truly wonderful place, and I feel very fortunate to have become a member of several groups created for the purpose of sharing, making connections, and both giving and receiving support. ...more
 @aibe You're most welcome! :)more

Farm Friday - The Funny Farm

Anne KimballBringing Borya Home ...more

Tumblr Takes Stand Against Eating Disorder Blogs

Easy to use and completely customizable, the platform is hugely popular with teens and 20-somethings, which has raised some questions about the content Tumblr allows users to post. Five years after its launch and facing an explosion of blogs that glamorize harmful behaviors such as eating disorders and self-injury, Tumblr has finally decided to modify its anti-censorship position and take a stand against self-harm. ...more
this is great! as someone who struggled with bulimia for 7 years and still continues to struggle ...more

The Gift of Comments

The greatest gift you can give a blogger isn't a new computer or a year-long membership to self-host their site. It isn't an Droid Razr or an iPhone 4S so they can blog on the go (though I certainly wouldn't turn down an iPhone... just saying). It's something simple and free that you can send out even at 11:59 pm on Christmas Eve and they'll still have it by Christmas morning. ...more
Being a a day old Blogger, I am stumbling my way through until I can get better acquainted with ...more

Broadway Bound

Paraphrasing Oscar Wilde: I never travel without my blog. One should always have something sensational to write in the train. ...more

Extra: Non-Mommy Reads Mommy Blogs

One of my favorite Mommy bloggers told me she was amazed that non-Mommies like me READ and ENJOY her blog. Got me thinking…I read all kinds of blogs, including Mommy Blogs.As a non-Mommy, why do I enjoy reading Mommy Blogs?...more
@isthisthemiddle Good thing you can't see me blush and tear... Thank you, Lady!! (Smile!)more

Focus, friend

When I rededicated my blog, I got very obsessed with my stats. I check them several times a day, and have joined several blogging communities to try to increase my visibility (well, duh, I'm here, right??).I keep thinking of ways to increase my traffic.  Should I advertise?  Should I use Twitter, Facebook, whatever, more?  How can I pimp my blog?Then I had an epiphany.  Traffic is good -- but content is better....more

Three Weeks on Twitter: @IsabelAnders

 As I come to the end of my third week of participation in the Twitter community, I’m amazed at the difference tweeting makes in feeling visible, connected, informed, and allowed to participate personally in (especially writers’) events as they unfold around the world....more
@JFbookman Joel Friedlander@IsabelAnders Off to a great start, thanks for the mention.more


Check out :     thenextfamily.com  ...more

How to Really Use Google Reader

So, how do you keep up with all the great reading on the Internet? I have to admit that until last week, I was not very good at it.  I finally, FINALLY started using Google Reader.  OMG, why didn't I do it like 3 years ago?!  It is awesome!  Everything you want to read, you just add to your list and then open your Reader everyday and all new stuff is posted! Love it! ...more