Taking A Blogging Sabbatical!

I've always been an introvert of sorts. As a young girl I'd find solace in reading ,spending time with family and a small group of like-minded shy girls in the vicinity and on the school grounds. It was when I took English Lit in junior high, that my love for words evolved. I really appreciated the pain & angst of Shakespeare's Hamlet or Romeo and Juliet's undying devotion and searing young love that could not be denied....more

Blogging and Etsy Shop Changes

I'm the most fickle person.  I have been flipping back from blog to blog and shop to shop.  Hopefully, I have found my niche now.  I have returned to my original blog at www.mademydayblog.blogspot.com and an Etsy shop focusing on embroidery and patterns at www.mademydaycraft.etsy.com.Sigh.  It's very late, and I may have returned to my night owl ways. ...more

Social Media by the Numbers: Fill(ed)-in-the-Blank Statistics

Fair Warning If you are thinking of starting a blog, be warned....more

Social Media by the Numbers: Fill-in-the-Blank Statistics

Fair Warning If you are thinking of starting a blog, be warned....more

Are Facebook and Twitter Replacing the Need to Blog Among the Younger Generation?

An article by Bob Speyer about the changing online marketing world.Marketers need to adjust to the demands of the marketplace. Today’s younger generation are further distancing themselves from us older “geeks” by redefining how they look or view the world. One obvious example is the Social Revolution that began in Tunis, energized in Egypt and spread to the entire Arab world....more

Up to My Neck in Work: 7 Links Challenge

Time is always of the essence for me since I am always running late. This week is no exception....more

#Blissdom Day 1: What I Learned Today ...

Today I learned: Some people are just as friendly as they seem online.... Some are not........more