Social Media by the Numbers: Fill(ed)-in-the-Blank Statistics

Fair Warning If you are thinking of starting a blog, be warned....more

Social Media by the Numbers: Fill-in-the-Blank Statistics

Fair Warning If you are thinking of starting a blog, be warned....more

Are Facebook and Twitter Replacing the Need to Blog Among the Younger Generation?

An article by Bob Speyer about the changing online marketing world.Marketers need to adjust to the demands of the marketplace. Today’s younger generation are further distancing themselves from us older “geeks” by redefining how they look or view the world. One obvious example is the Social Revolution that began in Tunis, energized in Egypt and spread to the entire Arab world....more

Up to My Neck in Work: 7 Links Challenge

Time is always of the essence for me since I am always running late. This week is no exception....more

#Blissdom Day 1: What I Learned Today ...

Today I learned: Some people are just as friendly as they seem online.... Some are not........more

Top 10 Bad Ideas For a Blog Post

OK, so I'm feeling a little uninspired blog-wise.  I'm digging deep for something to write about, but it's just not coming.  And as much as I poke my daughter with a cattle prod, she's just not coming through for me with anything good....more

Not a good sign if you are stumped already :)

I think if you carve out some kind of mission ...more

New In Town

My experience with blogging communities is very limited, so here I am announcing my 'new in town' status to BlogHer. Feel free to advise me, and please visit (and follow) my fledgling blogs The Knight Life and Love2Learn! I am looking forward to checking out and following your blogs as well! Happy blogging all....more