They Say, What They Say, Let Them Say

I have come to see that blogging topics are a bit like the proverbial bus.  You don’t see a topic for a while and then three come along all at once.  The topic de jour is that of negative comments left on blogs.  I was struck by the last article I read on the subject since the writer was so upset that she actually deleted her post/article.  She had written a piece on her teenage son and was then subsequently accused of being a bad parent.  (That particular commentator would have an apoplectic fit if they came here.)Where do I stand on negative comments?...more

Choosing A Yoga Style

When I started practicing yoga 30 years ago, there were only a few styles of Hatha yoga appears in the Western world. As can sometimes occur along the data path, the tree sprouted branches of yoga, which only served to confuse some people and others to attract to this life transforming practice. I wrote about the many benefits of yoga practice with a skilled teacher, but once they choose this style of yoga to start your study, we can all be a bit overwhelming. Especially if you walk into a yoga class of drive power production at the gym waiting for an hour's rest and relaxation....more


I've never blogged before and I don't really understand why people do it, but I am impressed with the community here, and I'm glad that women have a place to share their thoughts online.  As an orginization, I think it is a terrific idea.  Blogher, thanks for being here....more

My Blog Has Been Deleted!!! Please help me. Anyone?

I appeal to anyone who can help me recover my three blogs.  They were all deleted and I could not access anymore.  I feel so lost.  I feel that my life has been erased.   I use blogger for three of these blogs :  Catwife in Bkk, Catwife in Sing and Just Add Inspiration.    ...more

They are back today, a little worse for wear.

Go change every password you have everywhere on ...more

National Special Needs Parents Day: Yeah, Nah, or Meh?

Congress is considering a resolution that would establish a national day of recognition honoring parents of special needs children, and I was surprised to see some of our fellow SN parents get up in arms about this.  Now I've been known to work myself up into a lather over the internet-outrage-du-jour when I don't even have a dog in the hunt -- I'm still chapped about TSA pat-downs and those fee-laden Kardashian Kards -- so I was all ready to get in on the action. ...more

Positive Ways Brands and Bloggers Can Work Together

The key to success in social media engagement is to forge strong relationships, deliver relevant content and most importantly, respect the writer and her readers. As a starting point for developing long term sustainable relationships between brands and social media influencers, here are some best practices for your consideration. ...more

Susan Rawlings
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2010 Gift Guide: Buy Gifts Made by Bloggers

If I'm going to go online to pick up gifts, why not support the businesses of some of the talented bloggers that I see online (and maybe, with your help, some I've never even heard of before)? ...more

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Adult Acne Diary: Day 2

If you read the previous ...more

Unexpected Friendships: Giveaway Teaser #2

Making Connections I started blogging last March. I didn't know any bloggers. I had read only a few blogs. Then a crazy thing started to happen....more

my new favorite way to scrapbook: 5 reasons to blurg

 so, i know many of you are already doing this,and i could be way late to the game... but because not all of us can be angie when it comes to perfectly clever pages and paper, ...more