Beach Shenanigans & Paleo Moderation

Happy Monday! I'm back - feeling refreshed after a super quick beach weekend trip. Friday night, Ryan and I left Houston and drove to New took about 6 to 6 1/2 hours thanks to ridiculous lane closures. We made it into NOLA around 11:30pm, and I popped out of bed at 5:30am to finish the drive to Orange Beach, AL, for my friend's beach bachelorette party!...more

Peace, Love and Food: A New Way To Start Loving Your Body

Through our Facebook page, I was fortunate enough to come in contact with Cyndi Springford, the founder of Love Your Body Project: Peace, Love and Food! Cyndi is ACE/AFAA Certified Personal Trainer, RRCA Certified Running Coach, Certified Eating Psychology Coach with training from the following organizations:, ...more

Embracing my Post Baby Bod

 I got off work early unexpectedly one Friday afternoon a few weeks ago.  And I chose to spend that surprise free time swimsuit shopping.Because I was in the mood to torture myself, apparently....more

How to Be Kind to Yourself

About a year ago, in the middle of my yoga session, the yogi said something that was so profound and life changing that I stopped – mid Warrior.  As she adjusted one of my classmate’s poses, the classmate commented quietly that the lower she went in the pose, the more her “fat rolls poked out”.  The yogi, her hand gently on the woman’s hip, said something that nearly brought me to tears with its simplicity and sincerity. “Your body is listening,” she said softly as she adjusted her lunge lower.  “Speak kindly, as you would to a dear friend.”...more

I Lie to My Daughter About My Poor Body Image

Standing in front of the steam covered bathroom mirror, naked, dripping wet, and quite honestly ashamed of what is looking back at me, my tween daughter barges in. ...more
beetsperminute Thank you so much!more

shame with a side of fries

I’m trying not to stare while my coworker eats her lunch.Our de facto break room is in use, so she is at her desk. I’m not sure what kind of sandwich she picked up from McDonald’s because her interaction with the french fries has me enthralled. She removes one fry from the red carton and bites. She chews and swallows before taking another bite. It takes her three bites to consume this single fry.How can she do that? I wonder. I wouldn’t call this mindful eating since she is reading a book, but she is not distracted from her deliberate pace....more

Why Body Painting is the Best Thing Ever

First of all, body paint is art.It is sensual creativity expressed on a naked body: the focus is on the art, the paint, not the naked body beneath it.The artists use shadows and colour to emphasize parts of the body that their clients love, and to diminish parts that they don’t. Brilliant colours make different sized breasts look symmetrical, shadows and contouring give the illusion of curve where there is bone, and patterns hide scars from a difficult cancer treatment....more

Exercise and Humiliating Motivation

Take a chance, Talk to a Stranger #ChangeTheConversation

I was trying on clothes in the fitting room.  Stacks and stacks of shirts, jeans and dresses hung on the “Not This Time” hook, needing to go back because they didn’t fit.  Didn’t look right.  Didn’t make me feel good....more

Why You Should Strip Down and Get Naked Pics

So, I'd never modeled before. I am always the awkward one who doesn't know what to do with her hands in photos and ends up making a fist. A lot of my photos look very angry as a result.And, like many, I have a very love-hate relationship with my body. Love my boobs, hate my ... everything else. So, when I was asked by a friend to go with her to her boudoir photography shoot, I scoffed....more