Body Image: How Media Affects Our Perceptions

What is Body Image? Body Image is the way we perceive ourselves when we look in the mirror. Our self-perception is created in the mind. We imagine ourselves to look and act a certain way, even though we may look and act differently to those around us. Someone has a positive body image if they are attuned to the reality of his/her physical shape and size. This person fully understands their weight, the form of their body (from curves to wrinkles), and the way their body moves and functions. ...more

Why I Restarted My Tummy Tuck Fund

I wanted to write this post from the perspective of a neutral observer. I planned to look at the pros and cons of tummy tucks, the satisfaction rates, and the relationship between plastic surgery and body image. But, then I thought, “Bollocks. I’m not a neutral observer, and I can’t speak for everyone, just myself” (yes, sometimes I use British vulgarities in my head). ...more

My Chronic Illness Revealed Society's Sick Weight Standards

I lost 15 pounds in two months. I should be excited. At 5'3" I now tip the scales only at 93 pounds. I should be horrified. The truth is, since my diagnosis of celiac disease (an autoimmune condition in which ingesting gluten causes inflammation and damage to the intestines), I've transformed from, as my mother put it, a 106 pound "muscular Barbie" at the peak of soccer season to a skinny minnie and I don't know how I feel about it....more
Bodynsoil It's always good to hear from people who can empathize - even though I wish no one ...more

Love Yourself

There are hard days and there are not so hard days.There are days where we're hard on ourselves and days we're not so hard on ourselves. There are days where we are proud of the person we are and days where we're not.We get caught up comparing ourselves and becoming envious of the girls with the photoshopped pictures of the girls with her tan skin and flat stomach....more

How to Love Your Body This Bikini Season

Put on an adorable bikini! (Personally, I love jewel tones, florals and animal prints.)Go someplace warm, like the pool, a lake, or your back patio.Love your body.Wait... It’s not that easy?Why not? Where and when did we learn that, as women, we’re supposed to cover ourselves up out of shame?...more

Does Barbie Give Girls a Bad Body Image?

I’ve noticed two distinct sides in the debate about Barbie. One group exclaims that Barbie presents an unrealistic view of the female form and directly contributes to a negative body image for the scores of women who played with her as little girls. ...more

Empowering Language to Use When Talking About 'Positive Body Image'

An astounding 90% of girls age 15-17 want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance, with weight being their highest priority. Even worse, that number actually raises once girls become women; 91% percent of women are unhappy with their bodies. So if you call under that category, you’re not alone....more

So What, My Thighs Touch! What's the Big Deal?

Breaking social media news: women don't want their inner thighs to touch. This was not news to me, I have wanted that since I knew I had thighs. I spent a good portion of my life hoping that I could get that coveted gap and keep my legs from kissing. Image via Just Girly Things...more
DebbiG It is so socially driven. A few decades ago curvy and thick was completely "in style." ...more

I'm Trying Not To Pass On A Legacy Of Eating Disorders To My Daughter

 I struggle to recall how it all began, like unraveling fleeting clips on an old movie reel, none of which I can quite splice back together. Where, when, how, why?  So many variables, all masked by the murky hands of time, making it nearly impossible for me to pinpoint. Maybe it started in 7th grade English class, that day I wore those brand new Levi’s to school and Mike Thomas hissed at me in front of the entire class, “I didn’t know they made 501’s that big!”...more

Musings of A Menopausal Mistress

Aging as a woman is a completely wild ride.It started as the preciousness of a baby’s tender, soft feet and moved to the subtly-curled toes I now have, described as “hammer” by the young, flippant bone doctor who was recently released from medical school. He’s wrong. My toes have been slightly curled since I was five. My white Mary Jane-style sandals were too small, and when I kept telling my mother that my toes were crunched, she thought I just wanted new shoes. Well guess what, my toes as they were growing, retained that too-small subtle curl....more