Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine Progression

I was approached by one of the best fitness, nutrition and competition coaches in the area, Michelle Johnson. Not only is Michelle a genius when it comes to body transformation but she is also a wonderful person. We had four weeks to get me in shape for a Muscle and Fitness Shoot.  I never competed before and I would be standing next to three beautiful women that were fitness models, body builders and IFBB Pro Card holders. Needless to say I had to kick my butt in gear. ...more

Mannequin Mentality

While listening to Beyonce’s “Pretty Hurts”, it reminded me of a phrase that I often hear people say to young girls. Don’t speak. Just stand there and be pretty. People are teaching children that whatever’s in their head is irrelevant. Your role is to just be aesthetically pleasing. ...more

Deep, Eternal Beauty: Having Kids Didn't Ruin Your Body

At Macy's the other day, I noticed two women looking at dresses together. One of them held up a cute little number, while the other eyed it up and down, sighed, and said, "Yeah, there's no way I could wear that now. Having kids totally ruined my body." Moms say things like this all the time -- "Pregnancy/childbirth/breastfeeding ruined my body." And I get it. But at the same time it makes me sad that so many women lament the softer breasts, squishier tummies, and streaky stretch marks that frequently accompany childbearing. ...more
Every mother who is worried about her post pregnancy body and may have lost her self esteem ...more


  For the last few years I have chosen a “word for the year” instead of making a new year’s resolution. I’ve found that this has been much more effective for me than setting myself up for something that feels like a task. It might be a subtle change of mindset but for whatever reason it works for me. My words over the past few years have been: Inspire, Flow, and Warrior. All of these words resonated with me and taught me things about myself as the year progressed. ...more
DLLenhardt Absolutely you can "borrow" it!  Yes...I add to my list of words every year. The ...more

I Don't Love My Body, and That's Okay

It's hard to keep up with all the health and fitness movements that are constantly cycling in and out of popularity.  Yo-yo diets, Thinspo sites, conflicting reports on which foods burn the most fat where on your body. Diet groups, fitness clubs, television shows coupled with media sensationalized images and stories of extreme weight losses/gains: it's nearly impossible to navigate the path to health without stumbling across something that makes you feel as if you aren't doing it "right." ...more
changesofheartIn a world where only the picture perfect parts are shown/discussed, we need to ...more

Body image: true lies we tell our daughters

Today’s rant is sponsored by the word “fat”. Well, really the completely nonsensical way we gasp in horror if the word is mentioned but quietly judge moms of overweight kids (“How did she let that happen?”). We’re told that obesity is a national security risk and a childhood epidemic. On the other hand, heaven forbid we even think the word “fat” in our daughters’ presence….we might give them a negative body image. So does that mean it’s better for them to <em>be</em> fat than to worry about being fat? Nope....more

Into the Abyss.....

She stands before the mirror,Gazing into the mystery of her own body,Years of growing, years of torment,A fight against herself,The mirror reflecting reality,But yet, she sees through herself,And into the depths of the perfect figure. The mirror before her is like a window,Which she sees through,Her beauty drains from her body,The strength dissolves into the abyss,Self destruction, dreams, and ambitions lost,Through the ugliness to being beautiful,...more

Vanity Fare.

It started with this bedtime conversation my nine-year old daughter and I had recently.Anna: Mommy I weigh too much. I weigh like 70 or 80 pounds.  My belly pokes out.  It's not flat like yours.[My heart sank and then I said what most parents say.]...more

Is Your Body Wrong? Clothing CEOs weigh in on women's bodies and why they don't work

WARNING: STEREOTYPES ARE CONTAINED IN THIS BLOG. Please read our steroetype disclaimer here....more

Tiger Stripes and Jello | How Pregnancy Changes Your Body

I'm not talking about the tiger stripes you get from a bad self-tanning job, or the amount of jello you craved while you grew your little bundle of joy. No I am talking about stretch marks, your gelatinous  belly and so much more....more