Keeping it Real

I struggle with body image.  I've written about it a little on this blog and even though it occupies about 90 70 percent of my thinking, you wouldn't know it from how little I post on the topic....more

How to Teach Your Child to Love Healthy Food

At family gatherings, we have one who rushes around and acts busy, hoping nobody will notice she's not eating. (Pssst, we all notice.) We have another who won't touch a carbohydrate. We can't get through a photo album without hearing, "I was so fat then." On more than one occasion, I was assured that my baby daughter would "grow into herself." Soon after she started walking, I started to hear, "oh good, she's trimming down." Um, I wasn't worried. When it comes to shaping my kids' attitudes toward food, I have my work cut out for me. ...more
This is so awesome. I wish more parents would take the time with their children to teach them ...more

We Are What We Are. Aren't We?

You know what?  We are what we are, and no manner of changing our bodies will change who and what we are, whether that change be purely cosmetic, radically identity-altering (which won't change the actual identity - just the vessel that contains it) or just sick. (cutting off limbs,  undergoing extensive surgeries for no medical reason, etc, which sounds made up but which is something some people actually do!)  (Think of Michael Jackson.) Plastic surgery has its legitimate purposes, but much of the time it's just somebody who wanted a better nose....more

Removing the C-word from your vocabulary

SourceYou can do anything you want.Really....more

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

I was at the gym recently doing my best to keep up with the other ladies in my zumba class when something caught my eye. I turned and saw a trainer kneeling down next to a woman, quietly speaking words of encouragement. The client was overweight and struggling through a set of pushups. I was riveted by what I saw in the woman's eyes---determination and hope. My own eyes clouded with tears; her struggles mirrored so many of my own....more

The Ideal of Fakery – Nipple Flowers, Cameltoe Cups & Other Bizarre Fashion Problem Solvers

 This is in a different vein to most ‘fakery’ and body image posts, I am not going to opine about surgery or make up or airbrushing (well maybe airburshing a bit) but comment on a new-ish trend that is dedicated to shaming people whose clothing choices give away the scandalous fact that they have a human body underneath and not some bizarre barbie action man plastic smooth areas. It’s body image ramped up a level to the point where the ideal seems to be to not have a body, at least not a living, breathing human one....more
The idea of people preferring that human body be covered is not because they are ashamed of the ...more

I Like My Body. Is that Okay with You?

I was running one morning earlier this week when I noticed something strange. I noticed that I like my body. ...more
Thank you for posting this! I think you talked about some things we all can do well to think ...more

How to like clothes, not hate yourself and what it all has to do with everything

How to like clothes, not hate yourself and what it all has to do with everything.originally posted on

Gifted or Pretty: What Do Parents Want For Their Daughters?

Parents want the best for their children. They dream, worry and search for answers. Are google inquiries a reflection of parents’ greatest hopes and fears?...more
We have 3 daughters and 7 grand daughters. We pray they will be themselves. We love them as they ...more

Body image issues and the "Serenity Prayer"

If you're perfectly happy with your body, thank you very much, and if you've never struggled with the issue of body image or self acceptance - well, you probably won't be particularly interested in reading any further. But if you've ever obsessed about your weight, or felt dissatisfied with your looks, or wished you could change something about your body - and I suspect, sadly, that many of you can relate to this - then you just might appreciate these musings. ...more
inevertoldher Thank you so much! I appreciate it. :)more