How having two "bee stings" led to a sweeter life

Let’s talk boobs!I have none – and normally, that’s where the conversation would end for me; but, not today! This time, I have a lot to say about having very little. ...more


 I haven't really talked to much about my Jawbone Up since I got it. Someone asked me weeks ago if I liked it and I just kind of shrugged and said "sure". I really only use it to track steps and sleep.  I'm doing well over the recommended 10,000 steps a day and I mostly get in eight hours of sleep a night. There's an option to enter extra workouts and food, but mostly I don't bother. My extra exercise is just more walking and I forget to put in my yoga time. I never track my food or water. It just seemed too much, too time consuming....more

Winter Weight Gain, Summer Struggles

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I'm overweight. I'm not stupid.

I have been overweight for quite a while, since after the birth of our first child. You know those baby weight pounds you swear you will lose. Well, I never quite lost them and then add on some stress, life and eating my feelings--voila, my weight was here to stay. There have been times where I get frustrated and hop on the weight loss wagon, lose 20+ pounds and then tumble off....more
Exactly! I firmly believe when the time is right and you want it badly enough it happens. Thanks ...more

Mean Girls: Ladies: We Need to Stop Critiquing Ourselves

In the past couple of months, I’ve been lucky enough to spend time with my best girls (different groups) not only here in New York, but also in Florida, North Carolina and Maryland.  I don’t always get to see my closest girlfriends, so I’m extremely thankful and grateful for the visits and mini trips/vacations we plan to get some quality time in....more

Keeping it real

Today is my first 'weigh in' day.  After two days of 'loading' (eating lots of high fat foods) I woke up yesterday feeling less than prime.  I weighed myself - 191.8 lbs (a full 1.8 lbs heavier than when I did my first blog proving the loading really does just that - load) - and decided coffee was not going to be my friend.  Cuz then I would want toast.  Toast was not on the list.  It also wasn't on the menu as I had deliberately not bought any....more

Getting-Ready-to-Get-Ready Syndrome

The symptoms of Getting-Ready-to-Get-Ready syndrome include feeling like you can’t possibly move forward until you lose ten pounds,get a degree, receive permission, know the right people,have enough money, get more experience, pay your dues, or obtain the right equipment....more

How to Fall in Love With Your Body Through Swimming

I swim because I am thin and sleek and beautiful in the water. For thirty minutes a few times a week, I love my body and marvel at what it can accomplish. I cut through the water, feeling it on every part of me. The straps of my bathing suit form an X across my back, freeing my arms and shoulders to move without resistance, everything feels good. If I have time, when I am done I take off my bathing cap and goggles and float on my back with my eyes closed just hearing the water lap in my ears, letting the water hold me. ...more
I enjoyed this, you describe well the joys i feel while swimming.  I have arthritis, but in the ...more

To All The Girls Who Struggle With Body Image, Please Read This

Hey Gorgeous,Before I say anything further, I just want to let you know that you’re not alone in this. There are millions of women out there who feel the same way as you do and it’s absolutely normal to feel so.It’s normal to be insecure, to compare ourselves to others, to find faults with our body especially in this era of perfectly airbrushed images, of beauty contests, of online fame. But it doesn’t mean we are meant to do all that, to be so harsh on ourselves for nothing....more

The battle I choose not to fight

I've spent the better part of my life feeling inadequate.My efforts always fell short of expectations, my potential was always three steps ahead. And that's not all....more