Blogaversary Party

Well friends, it's been an entire year since I first started writing down my thoughts here. It has grown in that year, to be sure, but we have remained a pretty small group. Through this blog I have felt more support than I ever expected. I love the sense of community that I feel when I'm here with all of you. And since I do indeed love that community I have made a few hard and big decisions about the future of LITM. Today I have 3 big announcements for you to celebrate this special anniversary. Are you ready for this? Here we go. ...more

Recapturing the self-love you were born with.

Kam and I had a discussion by text last night that really got me thinking about things I want my husband and me to tell our daughter when she comes along and is old enough to understand. Well, actually, it's something I think about all the time, but it prompted a good discussion with my husband....more

Let's go shopping

Today we are going to talk about that thing that most women have a love hate relationship with. The thing that creates both excitement and despair. Shopping....more

Perfectly Perfect

When you look at someone, do you automatically assume they're perfect? Does it depend on their body type? Let's say they have a fit, "perfect" figure. They dress well....more

Who do you wish you were?

Oh the evils of the comparison game. It is a dangerous sport. Nothing can lead us to feeling false quicker....more

The Eating Disorder Brain Tries to Strike Again

The pool opened last weekend. I thought I was ready to go with my new halter swimdress (shut up) and my sunscreen and my baseball hat. Sure, it had been a long, cold winter accompanied by many, many seasoned wedge fries, but last summer I even bared midriff a few times and felt fine about it. ...more
It's interesting. I just blogged today about being a victim of my own thoughts and how I wanted ...more

Back Story

It is true that we are bombarded on every side by images of tiny, fit, muscular people....more

The Vote is In

It's been over a week, and it is time to unveil the results of the voting. It was close between two pictures. The close up and the glamor move. But all the pictures received multiple votes except for the one where I'm sitting in the chair. There were even a few votes for this one:...more

An Open Letter to Those Who Judge the Morality of Health

Arwyn from Raising My Boychick has a post up now about whether or not people have a moral obligation to strive for health. It got me thinking. I am the child and sister of addicts and the only really fat person in my large family.  I've found myself sometimes in the strange situation of being talked to about my health for my own good by people who are thinner, but obviously less physically healthy than I am....more

There are not so many fat persons that fill good in their bodies. Even more I no few people that ...more