when I look in the mirror

                            The day begins with a little exercise. You know, something to get the blood going. Then afterward I hit the showers. After I get done drying off I get dressed for the day. I might steal a glance in my mirror to see how things look. I am not a perfectionist, but I do smile and think that I have to keep up the good work!...more

Loving Animals, Loving Myself: How Veganism is Changing My Self-Image

Sleepovers with my step-sister B....more

Who does Fat and Ugly really hurt?

I recently went on a rant about my hate of the phrase fat and ugly in my bog post I Am Fat and Beautiful....more
Then I will go and take a look today. Thank you! @curvywriter ~Virginiamore

I Am Living As Free As My Hair

Someone asked if I color my hair. I said, "No I don't, I pay someone else to do it."...more

How do I feel about airbrushing?


Because her mom thinks she's FAT.

The other day, while enjoying a cookie, Ava says “Mama, wanna hear something sad?”And I’m always up for a little sadness, so of course I respond “Yes.”And she says (and names have been changed to protect the innocent) “Jessica doesn’t eat sweets. She isn’t allowed to because her mom thinks she’s fat. Today at school she wouldn’t have a cookie and when I asked her why, she told me that.”Oh boy.A “fat” nine-year-old girl.And one of those women.I want to cry a little, rage a little, break a couple faces....more
It breaks my heart to hear this because in the end what is she ultimately teaching her daughter.more


http://kissingup.wordpress.com/2011/08/24/pain-killer/August 24, 2011...more

Because I’m Worth More Than That

This morning on the Australian Today Show, presenter Lisa Wilkinson made one of the best comments I've heard yet regarding women and body image:"Any woman who doesn't celebrate celebrating another birthday needs to visit a cancer ward."Amen, sister....more

The Penis Epiphany

Yesterday, while watching one of Allstate's amazing and super funny mayhem commercials, I had an epiphany: penises are ugly. I mean, really, when's the last time you saw a bumper sticker or t-shirt that said "penises make me smile," or saw a commercial with a woman looking at a man's penis like just the very sight of it is making her wild with desire? You haven't, because penises are ugly. ...more
Women are sex objects. Men are success objects. Mothers care more about their daughter's ...more

A Year Without Dieting

My year without dieting is complete, and I find myself enlightened and pleased with the results. I began the quest not to diet in August of 2010, after gaining around 10 pounds on prednisone for an out-of-control poison ivy reaction. Prior to that, I had found my weight creeping up uncontrollably, and struggled to lose it, even when consuming quite low calories. Low carb was no solution. Exercise was no solution (my body clung to fat anyway). So found myself heavier than ever before, and realized something was really wrong with my metabolism and the way my body was handling fat....more
I can't even imagine a day without being on or planning to be on a diet, I really love this ...more