A Year Without Dieting

My year without dieting is complete, and I find myself enlightened and pleased with the results. I began the quest not to diet in August of 2010, after gaining around 10 pounds on prednisone for an out-of-control poison ivy reaction. Prior to that, I had found my weight creeping up uncontrollably, and struggled to lose it, even when consuming quite low calories. Low carb was no solution. Exercise was no solution (my body clung to fat anyway). So found myself heavier than ever before, and realized something was really wrong with my metabolism and the way my body was handling fat....more
I can't even imagine a day without being on or planning to be on a diet, I really love this ...more

No Baby Just A Bump

Last Sunday, at a party, I was chatting with a woman when abruptly she asked me if I was pregnant.I said no (because I'm not) and then, in my usual milquetoast way, went on to try and make the woman feel better about her intrusive blunder. ...more
Thanks Victoria.I've been brooding over this for two weeks. It's funny how you think you feel ...more

A Rock Star. Finally! Thanks to Mom's Fashion File at BlogHer'11

A pink carpet. A hundred onlookers. Cameras. And me, about to strut my stuff. I couldn't wait. It took me a long time to celebrate this, to own my beauty, to silence the inner critic, to become comfortable in my own skin. This was my time to shine. I spent most of my teens and 20s feeling insecure and unattractive and like I didn't fit in. I focused on my career, and in my 30s, met and married my husband. I had three kids (two at home), ran two marathons, and now, at age 42, I like who I am....more
I wish I could see a closeup of the eyelashes!more

Owning Your Awesome: It's Not Conceited

When I was about nine –- the age my daughter is now –- I was told I was fat. Which was untrue, actually, but which quite literally scarred me for life. My own mother tried to teach me how to not hate myself, but she didn't walk the walk as they say, and I learned, through her actions, how not to love Me....more
Most of us gloss over the commomly quoted phrase, "Love your neighbour as yourself."   What we ...more

Vagina vs Toody: When Do I Update My Daughter's Vocabulary?

I know a lot of women who are probably blushing as they read this. That is, if they’ve made it this far. The truth is, I’m okay with the word. Sure, it’s not a staple in my everyday vocabulary, but I don’t mind it being flashed here, there and everywhere. It’s the name of a body part, the same as 'arm' or 'leg.' But then I ask myself: When do I bring 'vagina' into my 4-year-old daughter’s vocabulary? Around here, we call it her 'toody.' I like to think it goes along nicely with 'tushy.'...more
I personally don't think its ever too early to teach your child the correct names to their body ...more

F*ck Me, I’m Fat: A Hot Guide to Fat Sex

Ever read the sex tips in Cosmo and thought “seriously, I am not a yoga master, how the hell am I supposed to do that position” or thought “wow, are the only people who have experimental sex skinny?” I know I’ve certainly scoffed at sex position cards that suggested acrobatics that would qualify me for the Olympics! It’s really sad when you look up “fat sex how to” or “bbw sex guide” it only takes about 5 entries before you get to either degrading porn or weight loss tips. Ugh....more
Fellas... regardless of your weight or personal appearance, you need to take extra good care of ...more

Body Dysmorphic disorder... Is that me?

Forever 17 Who is that lady in the mirror? I have asked this question for so long. What I see is not pleasant and I have a hard time accepting who looks back at me. When I was a young girl my stepfather was a very abusive alcoholic, and the every day rants about my weight have unfortunately carried on into my adult years. I have dealt with many eating disorders through out my life , and I am without a doubt my biggest critic. ...more
Thank you for your honesty, I do agree that i need help and fighting this alone isn't getting me ...more

What Do You Really Look Like?

Maybe the inspiration came from the Dove “Campaign for Real Beauty" (very smart campaign; not sure why/how Dove dropped the ball on that one). I just discovered a website called My Body Gallery: What Real Women Look Like....more
What a neat concept? I think sometimes we are too hard on ourselves and it is easy to compare ...more

Marks and Me: The One Where I Accept That I'll Never Be A Yummy Mummy

I am finally resigned to my fate. After years of fighting it – of squeezing myself into clothes that were the wrong shape, shoes that were the wrong fit, and underwear that was just too darn small – I have accepted that my natural match on the high street is, in fact, M&S....more
@victorias_view Well, true enough... it'd be a pain to be pampered constantly (Although I could ...more