did I mention parades? marching bands? majorettes?

Yay! July is here! You would think that someone who lives in Florida would not be particularly excited about the arrival of a month that brings with it even higher temperatures than our normal 90° at 8 am that we have every month of the year {except for December and January when it magically becomes absolutely FREEZING here!} plus obnoxious humidity and violent thunderstorms that are such a daily occurrence you could set your watch by their arrival......more

Adopting Healthy Eating Habits

Eating healthy is critical whether your goal is weight loss, fitness or a healthier lifestyle in general. However, you don’t have to meticulously count calories or starve yourself to be healthy; rather, you need to provide your body with ample nourishment. While junk food and sugary treats might present challenges and temptations, adopting correct eating ideas and strategies will help make healthy eating a natural habit....more

sometimes eating healthy means a little more effort but its all worth it.more

Forever Fabulous

I bought a new shirt this week. I loved the way it made me feel in the dressing room. I love the style of the shirt. I love the material. As I stood there in the dressing room I felt cute. Maybe even a little sleek. In a word I felt fabulous. I bought it....more

yes, being beautiful comes within us, its our confidence in our self that makes us stand out.more

Why I Don't Watch My Kids' Weight

I don't worry about my kids weight or their body shapes, because I don't want them to. I make sure they know that bodies come in all sizes and that theirs are perfect just the way they are. And then I make sure they have access to bikes, I save one dollar bills so they can go swimming all summer, I make sure they have free access to nutritious foods and I get out of the way....more
New way of thinking. It does make sense.  Thank you for the great post!more

Embrace: Sweaty Body

Summer is a pretty uncomfortable time for me because I am a sweater.  And by that I don’t mean that I’m a warm garment that one tends to put on the colder months (or my office, in June), I mean that I sweat like it is going out of style.  I have always been this way, and if anything, I sweat less now than I used to....more

When Dressing to Flatter Doesn’t Mean ‘Dressing to Look Thin’

As much as I write about the Duchess of Cambridge, I also am a fan of Christina Hendricks. Yes, I’m a Mad Men devotee, but has there ever been an actress in recent times where her body was discussed so much?...more
This is a fabulous post!  I am delighted to see the conversation embracing real women and ...more

Alternate Breathing

She is wrapped in a towel before practice, waiting patiently on deck while her new coach introduces herself, explains what is expected. Her body stays hidden until she carefully slips into the water, shedding her protective skin poolside. I hold my breath, watching. She is a speck in the water, her blue capped head bobbing up and down the lane. Arms dart out in front, one after the other, stroke after stroke, stroke after stroke. Legs pedaling hard. It looks tedious. I am doubtful this new interest will last....more

The season for loving

Ah giveaways. What better way to show my appreciate for all of my awesome readers? Plus I know of no better way to celebrate. Especially a long celebration. How have you liked the guest posts so far? A lot of really amazing people out there. But I know why you are here today. ...more