The Many Phases of My Large Eyebrows

My eyebrow relationship has been a bumpy uphill battle.  It began around sixth grade when I was alerted that my eyebrows were not actually supposed to meet in the middle. ...more
My mother pinned me against the bathroom wall at 15 years old plucking away while I yelped lol ...more

Gaining Mass

Tonight John and I tried to see Black Mass.  He had free movie passes, so we couldn’t do the whole online ticketing thing; we drove to Woburn to find out they were completely sold out.  (Duh.  Every Bostonian who was separated by at the most three degrees from Whitey was all over that movie this weekend).  However, the drive wasn’t fruitless: upon pulling into the cinema parking lot, I burst into tears and finally figured out why it’s been really goddamn hard gaining weight back since the wedding....more

Model Winnie Harlowe Speaks Out on Cultural Appropriation as White Models Imitate her Vitiligo – Flattery or Nah?

We were just hi-fiving and celebrating Winnie Harlowe as she was one of many influential women to grace the cover of a major magazine in what has been an epic Fall cover month for Black women. Now, it appears that the model is in the middle of quite a crossroads and has taken, according to many, an unpopular stance.Let’s take it from the top, shall we? So, this happened……....more

A Life Inspired


When I was a Boy

In the 1960s my parents had little money but a sense of history and place, so day trips when they happened, usually included some nearby attraction that would be both inexpensive and educational. One such foray took us to Collingwood, home then of Blue Mountain Pottery and some decent ski hills. But this was late summer, and a free ride up the ski lifts to the mountaintop lead to a path in the woods where all kinds of local legends had been mounted diorama-style along the route....more
You are so full of love both as a person and in your writing. I love reading your stories and ...more

You Weight Does Not Define Your Self Worth

A few weeks ago, something happened to me. Something unexpected. Not something goofy or crazy but for once, something good. Something really good. I realized my weight does not define my self worth....more


Kerry Washington Isn't Stressing Over Her Post-Baby Body, So Why Are You?

Editor's Note: In a recent interview for SELF magazine, actress Kerry Washington, 38, said this about getting her pre-baby body back, "I've been really focused on not being 'back' to anything, but being the best version of myself right now. My body is the site of a miracle now. I don't want to be pre-miracle." And here's another take from a BlogHer Member on post-baby bodies and how women feel about them. The admonition that we should love our bodies is oddly authoritarian. Nonetheless, I tried. And, for the longest time I couldn't figure out why this advice irked me, or why it was slightly suffocating. Shouldn't I want to love my body? Shouldn't that be the ultimate body image goal? Not necessarily. Love in and of itself is lovely. But telling women they need to love their bodies is not. Why? Because body love assumes our thoughts should fall at the extreme end of the emotional spectrum. ...more
Yes! You're so right that telling us to "love our body" just sets us up for MORE failure (omg, ...more

More Than An Object

Not too long ago, I went out on a date. I am not somebody who goes out often, so this date was didn't surprise anybody more than it surprised me.  At a casual lunch spot, my date and I stood in line to order our food. My eyes scanned the menu and my brain was filled with diet advice and qualifications about each and every food item. Should I order the salad? Maybe, but I'll have to order it without dressing. Can I order a sandwich? What if I have had too many carbs today?...more

Lose the "Weight"

Lose the “Weight”  Are you as sick of talking, thinking and worrying about weight and everything connected with it as I am? I’ve been a Registered Dietitian for 22 years....more
Here's a great little program to lose weight and be in the greatest state of health. ...more