The mirror doesn't lie...

In January 2011, I made the commitment to read, pray, and write every day.  I felt led to share some of the lessons I am leaning along the way.  At times, the lessons come from the text I am reading, and other times the lessons come from experiences lived as God shows me His truths.  Well, today the lesson came at the bathroom mirror, I am confident I am called to share, so bear with me! Lesson learned:  The mirror doesn’t lie  Several weeks ago, per my request, Brian hung a beautiful full-length mirror on the back of my closet door ...more

How Would You Design an Equally Hospitable Weight Room?

A reader wrote a very well thought out response to my  post about feminism and weight rooms. At the end he asked a question that I think is an important one. I didn’t want it to get lost in the comments of an old post–so I’m reposting the question from the comment here, in the hopes that a discussion about how to make weight rooms more accessible and comfortable for female athletes will ensue....more

At my former gym, the weight area was dominated by men. They were possessive of the equipment ...more

Perfection, oh what a slippery slope

[The body is] a marvelous machine a chemical laboratory, a power-house.  Every movement, voluntary or involuntary, full of secrets and marvels! ~Theodor Herzl The only energy left in this household of mine is being used to throw or control a fit. We are tired and headachy. And sore. ...more

Rad Fatties Project: Episode Six

San Francisco 2008: my brave summer The Rad Fatties Project is a body-positive silent self-portrait celebration of what is fine and wonderful about the wide diversity of human bodies....more

When Your Body Breaks Your Heart

When I started The Shape of a Mother in 2006, I had expected posts full of pictures of bellies, pregnant and postpartum, lined with joy and growth, wrinkled with love. Stories of women who learned to love themselves despite looking so different from the airbrushed models of magazines, stories of women who loved themselves because they looked so different. ...more

How horrible. My heart goes out to them.


The work of self-discovery is never done, even when you look the same

When I hear the word "change" I automatically think "diapers." Oh, that's not what you had intended by picking that word this month, Ma...more

The Promises We Make Our Bodies

We have been through so much together, you and me. In my much younger days, you were perkier and less lumpy. A fitting end to my giraffe-like legs that were also free of lumps and bumps, veins and baggy parts. In college, you were made for 501's and not much else. I could eat and eat, once cramming in 11 pizza burgers in the college cafeteria, and you wouldn't change a bit. ...more
I've struggled with body image my whole life. If there's an American woman out there who is ...more

I'm Collecting Fat Myths--Will You Help?

I've been writing a series on my blog about fat myths, based on Dr. Pattie Thomas' list of ten myths in her book Taking Up Space.As part of that series, I'd like to make a list of other fat myths so I can continue to write about them. Is there a myth about fat that you'd like to see me write about? Please let me know in a comment!I've gotten some great responses on my Facebook page, including:Fat people have a thin person inside them, waiting to come outFat people all have eating disordersFat people don't know how much they eat or exercise...more

"Fat" Really Should Be a Four-Letter Word

“Fat” is hurtful – incredibly hurtful. ...more

Learning from my toddler: there's just one

This morning I sat down at my computer to write a blog. I really didn't have anything specific in mind just yet. A few ideas here and there. I sat down to see if I could make something happen on the screen when my little one had a complete and total meltdown....more