Respecting Myself

Through this I've achieved a lot of things... but do I really respect myself? I think this is a question I've been battling for many months... or rather years... now. One that started well before losing weight began, but now that I've achieved this -- and am trying to still figure out and take this journey to find who I really am and what my purpose here is on the earth -- I wonder if that's the key to finding the key to the whole "what is this life all about" question. ...more

Hopefully, it will all come together! Relaxing and doing nothing is really sometimes the best ...more

Dear Barbie

Dear Barbie,Now that I am an adult, there are a few things I think you should know.I always wanted to be like you. You had the perfect body, bright eyes, shiny hair, and millions of admirers. I thought you were what it meant to be a woman....more

I was fascinated by Barbie growing up. My mother banned Barbie in the house b/c of the very ...more

Doing Things For Ourselves Cause Ripples

I felt that every day was exactly the same as the last. I woke up to the exact same tasks every day, and it was monotonous. I was so bored with everything and nothing seemed to change except that my children were slightly larger and didn’t really want me to be around as much as they used to. I didn’t know what to do. ...more
Its early morning over here in Indonesia and I stumbled upon this article, somehow I dont ...more

Finding Authentic Beauty on Mt. Kilimanjaro

When people ask me what I do for a living, my answer usually results in a response akin to "You What?" I own a safari company and take people to Africa. And yes, I am a certified field guide. I've been traveling to Africa for the past many years, having gone over thirty times (I haven't kept exact track of the numbers). It sounds impossible. How could a 48-year old woman raised in Birmingham, Alabama wind up as an Africa guide? ...more

Thanks for your article, I can't leave NY right now so reading articles like this take me away ...more

The Scars We Can See ... and Those We Can't

And I have one big scar that runs across my lower belly that is from the birth of my daughters. The c-section I had to have because they were both breech. I have tried to love that scar, but I can't. It's ugly. You see, my skin keloids, and so the scar is not a thin, flat, straight line, but rather an ugly red, hard, lumpy thing. I can't yet see the beauty of it; that without that scar, the birth of my daughters would've been painful and possibly catastrophic to our lives. ...more
Amen sister! The scares that hurt the most are the ones unnoticeable to the watching eye. ...more

I wore a dress today

  I wore a dress today Today I got dressed....more

The Beauty Myth

You've seen replicas of the Mona Lisa.  Did you ever notice that she is ugly.  I don't mean no disrespect to a heralded piece of art.  I just happen to think it's fascinating that back then a woman's face that was not "pretty" could have been considered so mesmerizing.  What was it about her that was considered so beautiful?  They say it was the look in her eyes....more

Own Your Beauty: Why I Chopped My Hair

I've had the short 'do for a little over a month now and I'm still getting lots of compliments, which is fun. Most important, I really love it. Everyone asks me, 'What made you do it?' and my answer's sort of long-winded but essentially it comes down to this... I'd like to try to be the truest version of myself. And the truth is, I'm going gray. ...more

I personally had the opposite reaction when I dyed my hair- like it was *finally* the real me. ...more

Roadmap of My Life

Self-portrait, huh? I'll admit it; my first inclination was to take a super adorable shot of myself mugging for the camera, like the school photo I never had. But then I started thinking more; what did I want this photo to *say*? My portrait for this week is about more than just my face. The stretch marks, the surgical scars, the tiny dots left by large-gauge IVs... all of them, a roadmap to my life. ...more

Oh, this post is so awesome! i adore you on Twitter, but this? This is pure, raw, personal ...more

Owning My Inner Adventurer

I am not adventurous. Rather, I didn't used to be. And thrill-seekers (or, you know, people who can ride the SkyFari at the zoo without an anxiety attack) would likely scoff at my own adventurous side, if it was noticeable to them. For as long as I can remember, I've been physically timid, so I've limited myself in a lot of ways. But, this past year, I met the adventurer within me. ...more

I'm proud of you too!

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