Does My Butt Look Big?

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Half Beauty, Half Beast

I have a beauty confession to make. Or perhaps, I should say beastly confession to make. Everyone has a good side they like to pose in photos with. Now usually our “good side” is all in our minds and we look fabulous from any angle. In my case, that just is not true. I suffer from severe Linear Scleroderma. In a nutshell, collagen overproduction has attacked my healthy muscle tissues and replaced them, for better lack of a word, with scar tissue. ...more
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No, you do not get to speak to me that way

It's Sunday night which typically means it's diet planning time.  Shame from the eating of the week end, or week, and summoning new resolve to eat perfectly on Monday.  Does anyone ever start a diet plan on a day other than Monday?  So Sunday nights are full of plans for harder workouts, less food and an increase in willpower never before seen.  As I was thinking about how tomorrow I would suffer my way to an ideal body I started thinking about cruel comments that have been made to me over the years.  Specific comments about my body and how I allowed these p...more

Changing the World: Self Love as a Revolutionary Act

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And the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad hair

I do not have "good hair." Good hair is defined as "A popular term in the African-American community, used to describe a black person's hair that closely resembles the hair of a typical white person(i.e. soft, manageable, long as opposed to "nappy" or "bad" hair. The closer you hair is to a white person's the "better" your hair is." Thank you, Urban Dictionary. ...more

When Did I Lose the Confidence That My 4 Year Old Exudes?

As I prepared for our class discussion on Healthy Images, I watched my 4 year old daughter dance around the living room. She moved with confidence, her head held high. In that moment, I realized she could conquer the world.  If she understood what that meant, she would have most likely agreed. Why couldn't I have that same level of confidence and strong sense of self? When did I lose it? What can I do to make sure that my daughter doesn't? Is it possible for me to regain it or have I missed that window of opportunity?...more

Piercing My Nose. Or Not.

This was going to be a story of feminism and self-ownership: The search for my nose began as a child. Mine was round and very unlike my mother's regal Roman nose. My birth father was long gone, but old photographs bore evidence of a nose bent and flattened from repeated breaking, a hazard of soccer and Spanish blood run hot. My nose did not have the narrow British look of my grandmother's nor the prominent Italian bulge of my grandfather's. It had no match, no ancestry, no belonging. ...more
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Carpe Diem on a Bicycle

Two friends gave me an unexpected gift this Christmas: A Schwinn. A lovely, retro-inspired cruiser, replete with a basket and bell, in a sassy champagne color with white trim. The handles and saddle are black, and it reminds me of the Schwinn I had as a girl. My first "grown-up" bike. This was a sweet surprise of a treat. ...more

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Daphne Zuniga: A letter to my niece and all girls and young women

A guest blog entry by Daphne Zuniga, Activist & Actor, Melrose Place, One Tree Hill  Dearest_____, I want you to know this very important thing and remember it always. Know that it is true, and that it's not only encouragement because I love you. ...more

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