Pssst! What No One Else Will Tell You About Your Aging Body

 Getting older and wiser?  Fully self-actualized? Secure about your future plans?   Hold on to those good feelings. You will need them as you age.  Now that you’re an empty nester it’s time to get over your anger towards big pharma.  You may not have kids around to intervene in your passion play but without the intervention of pharmaceuticals more opportunity is just, well, more opportunity.   ...more

There Is No Moral Value On Food

Usually, when I see posts about food on Facebook or on Twitter, I tend to scroll right past them. I have a precarious relationship with food and a lot of what I read can bring up feelings of needing to control and monitor every bit of food I put into my mouth. It can make me feel inadequate, sad, and not good enough. But sometimes I can’t ignore the constant click-bait articles, scare-videos, and alarmist comments that some of my friends post on their social media accounts....more

The "Prized" Thigh Gap

 Even at one of my lowest weights, on my honeymoon,I didn’t have a thigh gap.Thigh Gap. Surely you’ve heard of this over-obsessed term in today’s culture. Thigh gap refers to when there is space (i.e. a gap) between your two thighs so that they don’t touch....more


With all the talk about “new diet miracles” I thought I would lighten the subject by sharing a poem I wrote while I was trying to lose the “baby weight” I had gained with my first daughter (45 pounds on a 5’ 3” frame - not pretty on me).  And unfortunately it is even way more fitting for me as I sit 36 years later having gained another 45 pounds.  I hope you enjoy it.I step on the scale and much to my chagrin...I’m in worse shape today than what I was in, yesterday...before those four pieces of pizza found my mouth....more

How Breastfeeding Ended My Body War

When I was 13 years old, I saved my money to order TBRS from a catalog. TBRS. Total Body Reshaping System. At 13, I was already sure my body needed to be totally reshaped, starting with my boobs (because I had none). Over the next 10 years, I raged against my body. I hated it, wished it were different. I dieted, binged, overexercised. But, mostly I was just mean to it....more
Beautiful!  It's amazing what our bodies can do no matter what they might look like on the outside.more

Why "You Look Like Your Mom" Is the Worst Thing to Say to a Teen Girl

It happens often. When I'm out with my daughter, someone invariably exclaims, “Well, aren't you just the spitting image of your mother?” Outwardly, my daughter smiles. To the stranger, she seems thrilled to be given the comparison. To this mother's eye, I notice a faint twitch beginning to form behind her grin. Or maybe it’s just a bit of nausea coming on. Either way, she's clearly not pleased....more
readwritereadwrite It just shows that people don't really look at us, really. They see female, ...more

The Moment I Stopped Caring About My Weight

In college I was a svelte 130 pounds. I could wear anything and look like a waif. I could eat buckets of ice cream or live on black coffee and cigarettes, it didn’t matter because my weight was seemingly never more than an ounce over 130 lbs. Life was pretty good.And then I got mortgaged to my long-term boyfriend. Add 10 lbs.And then I got pregnant. Add another 10 lbs. once the post pregnancy weight finally evened out.And then I got married to the long-term boyfriend....more

Does This Make My Butt Look Fat? And Other Questions I Don’t Want Answered

I have no one to blame but myself. Years ago, my husband who was not my husband at the time, took me to a Bruce Springsteen concert. It was an amazing experience although it ran very long. I think The Boss played for 4 hours straight:  the guy was and still is a musical phenom. So about halfway through the evening, my husband/boyfriend turned to me and said (rather loudly because, of course, the air was vibrating), “You have bad breath.” To me, it seemed like he shouted it. Cue sound of needle scratching record album....more

How to Dress Your Body Type for Style

When it comes to fashion, being stylish is not about the amount of clothing you have in your closet; instead, it’s about how the pieces you have fit your body type. As long as you have classic pieces that are flattering to your body shape, you have a stylish outfit for any occasion.Here are classic pieces and fits for every body type and a break down of what styles work best for each body type:Staples for Every Closet:...more

I can't believe I am going to post this...

I Cannot Believe I Am Going To Post This…by Erica · August 7, 2014No, really, I cannot believe I am going to post this…...more