Why We Need More 'Relatable' Women Out There

Last week, I read an article online about a new “realistic” fashion doll called Lammily that would rival Barbie’s unattainable and quite frankly, ridiculous proportions.  Here she is:Get em, gurrrrl....more

Is My Butt As Sexy As Kim's?

Is My Butt As Sexy As Kim's?...more

Does Any Woman Really Need Peach Scented Nethers?

So I was shown an article today about the possibility of peach scented girly bits. Yeah, you read that right.Oh, and it was developed by dudes.Thanks, dudes! Peach in woman's hands, Image Credit: Shutterstock...more
carriewible You have a very noble way of commenting. Some people are just so downright nasty, ...more


For years, I loved labels. I was a runner and I wanted the world to know. I wanted to look like a runner and I wore that label everywhere I went. I loved it when people came up to me and said, “You must be a runner.” Often they would add a “You’re so thin” or “I can tell by those long lean legs” or some other comment on my weight/body type....more

Is It Okay For Moms To Be Overtly Sexy?

So Kim Kardashian obviously attempted to break the internets. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not one write about celebrity gossip, but there's something about what happened recently that got my attention. You would think it was the first picture of Kim looking like a freshly glazed Krispy Kreme Doughnut, but it wasn't. You would think it was Day 2 of Kim's unapologetic full frontal view posted all over the internet, but it wasn't. You would think it was Naya Rivera possibly struggling for whatever publicity she could get by coming for Kim, OK so it was a little of that....more

Are Labels Such as "Plus-Size" & "Curvy" Really Necessary?

When there was 70 pounds more of me several years ago, two things that really got my goat (in addition to the vending machine being out of Snickers bars) were 1) the names that department stores gave to clothing sections designed for overweight ladies and 2) the location of women's, er, plus-size, fashions. Mostly, the whole name/placement thing was more confusing and somewhat humorous than anything else. For example, the "women's section," while a true term -- we are women after all -- seemed dismissive of the other female shoppers who were browsing the latest styles in the "misses" or "juniors" section. Were they not women, too? Although, I suppose I shouldn't have frowned on the designation. At least there wasn't a sign suspended over new arrivals of sweaters sequined with pumpkins saying, "Obese" or "BMI+," right? ...more
Just treat those labels as a motivational factor for you to lose weight and you'll feel OK with it.more

throwback thursday: "love your body" edition

Throwback Thursday is a bit of a mixed bag for me. I love looking through old photos that remind me of fun times with family and shenanigans with old friends. But the mere exercise of viewing old images of my body from multiple time periods can also be triggering for someone like me, whose weight has fluctuated for most of my adult life. ...more

Pssst! What No One Else Will Tell You About Your Aging Body

 Getting older and wiser?  Fully self-actualized? Secure about your future plans?   Hold on to those good feelings. You will need them as you age.  Now that you’re an empty nester it’s time to get over your anger towards big pharma.  You may not have kids around to intervene in your passion play but without the intervention of pharmaceuticals more opportunity is just, well, more opportunity.   ...more

There Is No Moral Value On Food

Usually, when I see posts about food on Facebook or on Twitter, I tend to scroll right past them. I have a precarious relationship with food and a lot of what I read can bring up feelings of needing to control and monitor every bit of food I put into my mouth. It can make me feel inadequate, sad, and not good enough. But sometimes I can’t ignore the constant click-bait articles, scare-videos, and alarmist comments that some of my friends post on their social media accounts....more

The "Prized" Thigh Gap

 Even at one of my lowest weights, on my honeymoon,I didn’t have a thigh gap.Thigh Gap. Surely you’ve heard of this over-obsessed term in today’s culture. Thigh gap refers to when there is space (i.e. a gap) between your two thighs so that they don’t touch....more