Fat Shaming? Let's get real.

The Maria Kang hoopla. Let me tell you why this irritates me, but first  let's be clear- she's not making you feel bad about your weight. You're making you feel bad about your weight. She's not doing anything wrong, besides being annoying. Why is she annoying? ...more

50, Fit and Fabulous: Week Four


Mirror Mirror on the Wall

My teenage son looks in the mirror and says “yep, still awesome”. He smiles at himself, combs his hair just so, and moves on with his day.NOTE TO SELF: Harness some of that self-confidence and belief for yourself....more

As the last cookie calls me.

Ask any woman about the concept of self-acceptance, and she’ll know exactly what you’re talking about.  It is a topic that is covered by every talk show host, every woman’s magazine and blog site.  We have been told to reject negative self-talk, use positive affirmations on a daily basis, and avoid comparing ourselves to anyone else. ...more

50, Fit and Fabulous: The Journey Begins


Parenting Fail: "Your Thighs Aren't Fat, but Look at Mine!"

I had a parenting failure this weekend; I almost didn't want to write about. But, my goal on this blog has always been to show the real side of parenting. The side of we don't see during pick up or drop off lines at school, during church, or out in the stores. Typically we consider our parenting failures as something we did, or didn't do. We berate ourselves for yelling, for not following through, or being distracted. We worry about the things, that can be turned around to show our kids grace and forgiveness for ourselves and other people. ...more
@jeszimsmi Thanks for reading my blog post! The more we love and forgive ourselves the more that ...more

Screw the Beauty Standards Created by Marketing Teams

I was thrilled and honored to be selected for this interview originally posted at the fantastic new website Real Women's Bodies. I was given permission by the site owner and interviewer to repost the interview here as it appears on the site....more
Great interview! The perspective-switch letters idea is really intriguing, and we all need ...more

P90X / Insanity Hybrid Journey Days 6-12

August 29, 2013 Well, I blew it again over the weekend by drinking too much and of course eating too much.  I had been drinking almost evey night last week except for Saturday which I binged big time on several drinks including both rum and red wine.  I hate the cycle.  Sunday the 25th was better.  I actually went to church and had communion.  It was greatly needed.  It had been a month since my last one.  I think this contributes to some of my drinking.  I am happy to report that this week was much better.  Many reasons...more


It started the summer that I turned twelve. It started on my face, just a few red bumps across the bridge of my nose. I poked at them and they sort of hurt. At first I wondered if the bumps were a sort of rash or allergic reaction, but after a week or so I realized what they were. Zits....more