Wanna Feel Better About Your Body? Spend a Day at the Beach

Ask any woman and she will tell you that there are three things she hates to shop for: jeans, bras and swimsuits. Standing in front of a mirror, half-dressed, while cramming and tugging parts of your body into skimpy clothing better suited for someone half your age is no one’s idea of a fun day. And then add a D3 deficient, alabaster white body to the mix and you can see why I avoid the experience as long as possible. But then the promise of a soft sandy beach and free top-shelf alcohol beckon,s and I groan and make the dreaded trip to the mall. Time to put modesty aside and bare all....more

10 Reasons to Ditch the Dislike and Rock Those Mom Curves

When I look in the mirror I’m not sure I recognize the woman looking back at me....more

"I Had No Idea..." (NEDA Week)

(Image Credit)Good morning dear friends. :)...more

Barbie Can Suck It

I’ve been looking for a set of lamps, and today I found a pair I liked. They’re simple, stainless steel, with a cool shade. When I got home, I bumped into my sweet, 75 year-old widowed neighbour, Mr. Gunderson. He inspected the lamps, even putting his glasses on for a better look. “I really love those. Reminds me of Jayne Mansfield. Va Va Voom.” He winked at me. I was confused, and didn’t know what he was talking about, until I got into the house and took a really good look at them.Here’s a close-up....more

The night before I did something I never thought I would do.

I am a 44 year old, overweight mom to four children who started taekwondo two years ago because I have watched my children love this discipline for 5ish years and I, too, have fallen in love with it ....more

When Female Celebrities Have the Nerve to Have "Flaws"

BREAKING NEWS: Human Celebrities Recently Caught *Actually* Looking Like Humans! I’m sorry I have to be the one to tell you this: but celebrities — yes, even the like, SUPER pretty ones — ARE in fact humans.  Humans with pores and wrinkles and imperfections and EW, pimples even!  ...more

How to Be Fitted For a Bridesmaid Dress While Pregnant

My beautiful sister Catherine is to be married in two weeks to her fiance of over 18 months. The wedding has been a longtime coming and we are so excited for it to finally be here! Shortly after she and Matthew were engaged, Catherine asked me to be her Matron of Honor and I was thrilled to be asked. I visited her in February of last year and we picked out her wedding dress (it's gorgeous!!!) and the bridesmaid dresses. At that appointment, I was fitted for a size 4 dress....more

Hair and Heroines

My Body After Birth

Being a naturally slim person I have never really worried about my weight or figure. I have never had to watch what I eat or exercise to stay relatively slim. Yes my weight has fluctuated slightly over the years but I have never been more than 65kgs....more