Book Intro: Stolen Songbird, by Danielle Jensen

I've had Stolen Songbird on my list of "must-reads" for quite some time now, and it was with a happy circumstance that my friend Kate picked this one for our online book club here at Mainely Maven. I also am relieved to step back into the realm of a young adult fantasy novel, it is after all my comfort zone no matter how much older I'll be getting. Without further ado, I introduce you to the new book club pick!...more

Book Review: Ashfall, by Mike Mullin

I finished Ashfall just last night. I'm glad that I picked this book to read because it has been different from any other's that I've read thus far. I know that it is a trilogy, and this is the first of three. I will say however that I won't be following up on the others. It isn't to say that Mike Mullin did a bad job, it's just that I think I'm all set for now. Which means I will most likely fall back to Ashfall and the successors....more

Silence is deafening...

Or so it would appear in Ashfall… It takes true silence of individuals no longer talking, or even being alone to contemplate the meaning of a deafening silence. It becomes an anomaly, because in truth there is never silence in the world. Yet the silence of humans no longer talking, and the silence of animals no longer in being helps highlight the sounds of your own inner monologue. It also highlights how Yellowstone's eruption only created deafness in the form of earth's dying throes. ...more

Ashfall makes Yellowstone seem like a death sentence...

Now I've watched a lot of apocalypse movies, and I've watched a lot of documentaries about super-volcanoes. Not one movie or documentary though has been able to depict what an experience would actually be like for the survivors. Mike Mullin has done an amazing job describing the events and effects that Alex goes through as he is starting his day. I felt like I was by Alex's side during the events of Yellowstone's eruption, and I felt the suspense and fear as time wore on....more

Book Intro: Ashfall, by Mike Mullin

I have a confession to make… It's pretty embarrassing, yet I feel I must explain myself and why I chose this book. I'm not one for reading dystopian novels, it could just be that I like the happy, loving, the earth is never going to end stories. Yet I have a huge fascination with those low-class b-films on Netflix that are produced by Asylum Productions....more

Tis Wedding Season!

Even if it's a fictional wedding in a book! There's weddings abound in Ransom My Heart by Princess Mia Thermopolis and Meg Cabot. I'm officially up to Chapter 18 now, and there has been two weddings that have occurred in six chapters!...more

A Huge Step Forward In Reading...

I haven't been fully enveloped in a book in quite some time, and I feel a lot of it had to do with a lack of passion. I was scheduling reading, and I mean like how much I had to read a month in a book. That's no way to treat something you love, and I was treating it like a job not a passion....more February Blogger Book Club Link Up!

It's hard to believe it's already the end of February. I can't say I'm upset though. It's been a long month. It feels like we've been suffering through the longest winter ever. I guess in a way we have since we've gotten a year's worth of snow IN A MONTH!Moving on....more

Sensational Selections for Your Book Club

Howdy Bookworms!You know that feeling when it's your turn to choose a book for book club and you're freaking out because you don't know what to pick? I've got you covered! I've made a list of fool proof choices for your next meeting, thanks to a prompt from The Broke and the Bookish. It's Top Ten Tuesday time, y'all!...more

Building Vocabulary: 2015 Hump Day Book Club Reading List

Happy Friday!...more
Hi Lauren, Love your post and the book covers, I need to do this! I recently posted our book ...more