Living in Quahog

Jonathan and I are from different towns in Massachusetts. Together we moved to New York. And we've found that, for two states in relatively close proximity (less than two hundred miles apart), Massachusetts and New York remain a bit of a mystery to one another, often leading to conversations like this one, when someone from Massachusetts asks where we live:"We live in New York now.""The city?""No, a little ways outside the city."...more

No Safe Haven

I was thinking about workplace violence again last night...more

Saying Goodbye to Tom from Hyde Park

As I sat at my desk in the campaign office reaching out to volunteers to make a final push to get voters out in the state representative’s race I am working on, the news of former Boston Mayor Tom Menino’s death flashed across the television screen in the reception area. In spite of the announcement the prior week that the Mayor had decided to stop treatment for his aggressive cancer and cancel his book tour so that he could spend quality time with his family, I like thousands of other Bostonians was shocked and brought to tears....more

5 Guide Tips to Boston's Samuel Adams Brewery Tour

It’s been four days since our tour of the Samuel Adams Brewery in Boston, Massachusetts and I am still on a high from the experience. It was our final destination of our seven day trip of New York City, Providence, and Boston. This was the perfect ending to our trip. Here's what we learned....more

Boston's Keytar Bear

Fitness in Boston: Flywheel Never Coasts

There was a lot of buzz last fall when Flywheel swooped into Boston. The NYC-based indoor spin cycling chain with locations all over the US boasted stadium-style seating, energizing soundtracks, custom engineered bikes, free use of cycling shoes, and a "workout that offers a chance to achieve something more."...more

Boston Bruins Outlook After Sochi

Entering the Olympics break the Bruins managed to amass 78 points on 37 wins boasting the best record in the Atlantic division, But as the season grinds on the tests are only going to get harder. Here's a look at the Bruins Regular Season outlook after Sochi. ...more

Should Celtics Retire Big 3's Numbers