Oh Boys.....

So today I decided it would be a bit of a spring cleaning Sunday (which was one of my more stupid ideas) and I needed to start with my son's room hands down.  Of course I tell my kids clean your room, clean your room, holy hell clean your room but a kids version of cleaning a room quite differs from an actual cleaning.  Add to that the kid being a boy and we are talking about a parallel universe where disgusting is the standard way of life....more

Advice To My Son...

My husband and I are new to parenting. Although our son was born over seven months ago, everyday is a challenge. On most days, when I wake up a few times between midnight and 5:00am for diaper changes and feedings, I have to try extra hard to remind myself that sleepless nights will pass. Soon, I will be a morning person again and wake up with a tremendous amount of energy to tackle the day's chores. I have to try extra hard to remind myself that one day I will miss waking up to my son's giggles; to see him waiting impatiently for me to pick him up and cover him with kisses....more

Penis Envy? Not Me!

I don't have a penis, but I live with three of them.The littlest one is always out and about.Always.Since I do not own one myself, I have this irrational fear the little boy is going to cut his penis off in some tragic accident.I mean, there it is right out in front, waiting for disaster.The following scenarios run through my mind as he runs around the house.Door closes on it...chop!Safety scissors slip...chop!Flying leap off the wall unit...chop!...more

Let Me Get That For You...

I wish I had staged this photo....more

My Children

It’s be a difficult year, as you all know.  Not feeling nostalgic on that right now.But you know what?  Some of my greatest laughter and humor comes from those Gingers.Those boys that:...more

Raising The Boy

I never really thought about having a son.  I was born to be someone’s mother, but I spent my whole life preparing for a daughter.  I mean, I used to BE a little lady myself, so I was excited when we found out the gender of our first child.  I was ready!  I wouldn’t pink her over and cover her in princess tales, but I wouldn’t force her into tomboy pants either.  I was ready for discussions about periods (to the tune of Clair Huxtable’s Woman’s Day), the birds and the bees (The Man will break anyone who tries to touch her), and friendships...more

No Toy Guns. Nope. Not For My Boys.

                                                          Is Nothing Sacred?<...more

12 ways to annoy your six year old boy

So six year old boys can be kind of annoying.  It's just the way it is, just the facts of life.  And of course, if it's your six year old, you love him to pieces.  You wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.  You would walk through fire for him.  He is your world and your everything.  But that doesn't mean he's not annoying sometimes. So isn't it about time to fight back?...more

boys: are they supposed to make their mother's hair grey?

oh. my. word! this particular boy is not mine, however, i have seen this and worse. i just don't happen to think about a camera when my heart is leaping out of my chest....more

Uh Oh - I Can't Talk About Wrinkles Anymore

I was talking to a friend who has three teenage daughters, and she was worrying that she wasn't presenting a positive example about body image to them.  She doesn't want them obsessing over their bodies, counting every calorie, and pointing out every flaw.  Since I have boys I thought I couldn't really relate, so I was just listening and agreeing at the appropriate moments. ...more