The Two Different Boys

I have two boys that could not be more different.The Pleaser and The DebaterThe Pleaser is my youngest.Happy Go Lucky. Cracks some jokes. Loves life. Rolls with it all. He is the mayor of his school -- always has to know names/people. He wants to be friendly. He wants to make people smile. Even with me -- he wants to please. Follow the rules. Make the world smile. To me? He's still "little" at 9....still the baby....more

10 Things I Love About Having Two Boys

10 Things I Love About Having Two BoysI have two boys, ages 13 and 14.  We didn’t find out the gender of either while I was pregnant, and when I was pregnant with the younger, I was really hoping for another boy.  I already had all the toys and clothes, and I knew they’d be great friends.  Many people asked me if I wanted a girl after having two boys, but I never did.  Even though boys can be gross and messy and weird, I love having them.  Here’s just a few of the many reasons why:...more

Puberty Class

Last Friday the 5th grade boys had their puberty class at school. Being the good mom that I am I asked the boys after school how the class went, what did they think about the video, and if they had any questions. This is how the conversation went. Keep in mind all the boys were jumping on the trampoline at the time.Me – So, how was school today?Boys – Disgusting! Boring! Homework over Spring Break! No school next week! (shouted out)...more

Are Boys Harmed by "Hook-up" Culture?

Earlier today I came across an article talking about the "hookup culture" and how is it also detrimental to the adolescence of  boys and not just girls.  I have always found it interesting the way the girls and women are more often portrayed as the only ones harmed in a situation, especially if it is sexual.  Men are always shown as the aggressor and women are almost always shown as the victim.  Of course in a bad situation, there can be a victim on both sides.  ...more

The days that forge the men they'll become

I love my family. I thought that today. Not, I thought I loved my family and then thought twice. This time that I’ve been at home has reminded me what I love more than anything; coffee, England, Scotland and Wales, biscotti, fall, even writing. My family. ...more

Them Wild Wild Things: Part 2

There has been so much interest in my post on the wildness of little boys that I felt compelled to write a little more about it......more

Them Wild Things...

My boys are wild and getting wilder by the day. Hollering, running, slamming doors, scaling everything they can get a foothold on, jumping off everything they scale, wrestling (aka body slamming whether or not the other one is aware that they are playing), digging in the dirt, throwing stones, trying to fly, shoving each other off name it....more

I Failed at My Summer To-Do List, and I Couldn't Be Happier

Summer vacation is gone. Like, seriously. Gone. I remember in May, before summer even started, I wrote out my daily schedule that I was planning to have throughout summer, along with what all I would accomplish both personally and with my kids. ...more
Aileen Cooks  That is so perfect! And I'm sure your kids don't care how you look as long as ...more

A Letter to Boys 1 and 2...

Dear Boys 1 and 2We've "successfully" reached the 6 week mark of the summer holidays…3 more to go and so far we are all largely unscathed.  However, I thought I would just make a few observations which could help the last 3 weeks go even more smoothly (if "smoothly" is the most appropriate adverb)  than the last 6 weeks....more

Stop Feminizing Your Sons! Masculine Boys Can Grow Up To Be Good Men Too.

I am a mother of two boys under the age of five.  I knew my life with boys would consist of non stop excitement with:  lifted toilet seats, play wresting, rowdy noises, playing with sticks and dirt, climbing trees, collections of trucks and cars, and the restless that the typical boy displays. My boys are a crazy bunch and although I don’t agree with their rowdiness, their obsession with cars, and their occasional “Woof Woof” chants, I learn to accept that these types of habits is what makes them masculine boys...more