"You Know What" Envy

I'm sorry, Love, but Mommy just doesn't have a penis.--- Me, to Munchkin, at least once a weekMy son, like most boys his age, has a penis.I, like most women my age, do not....more

A Bad Mommy Moment

My sons are obsessed with WWE wrestling. I’m talking about the big budget, spectacle of spray-tanned men in shiny underwear and tights (not the actual sport of wrestling)....more

Lost Tooth

Carter (13) lost a tooth today. While yes he is old (he didn't start losing his teeth until he was in 2nd grade), the funny part of this story is that he lost it while chewing gum.  And as he was fishing it out of the gum, it flung from his hands and is now somewhere in black hole known as my car.As he frantically searched the vehicle for the tooth, his only concern was how much money he was going to get from the Tooth Fairy. There was no concern that there was a tooth (from his mouth) somewhere in my car - eeewwww....more

A Walk in the Woods With My Boy

I rarely spend one-on-one-without-a-purpose-time, with my children; I'm just too darn busy. I'm not proud of this but it's the truth. My husband has more opportunities to hang out with the kids. I often find him; playing catch or music with a kid or two, chit chatting with his girls or diligently working on the crossword puzzle with a child looking over his shoulder. I'm with the kids more hours in a day but he spends more quality time with them, it's a fair trade....more
 @Kraken H-m-m-m, are those tears, Kraken, or did you just raise yourself up and out of the ...more

Being a Mom of Two Boys: What Did I Expect?

There are some things about being a mom of two boys that, frankly, are not quite like I expected them to be. Then there are other things that are exactly as I imagined they would be, which I always find gratifying. Then, there are those things that blow me away because they’re way better than I could have ever imagined, which I find humbling. Here’s a quick look at what I mean:Things that are not as I expected them to be:...more
I have 3 kids and it's overwhelming and chaotic but you manage. My kids are older than yours ...more

Raised by a Single Father... Does it Change You? Truly, the author of LIE

RAISED BY MY FATHER – How it influenced my writing, helped me write strong male characters, and think about men differently  I was raised by a single parent – a father, which I think makes me write men differently than most other writers. One recent result of being raised my father is this:  I’ve written a young adult novel with strong male points of view....more

My Funny Valentine

 Valentine’s Day. And I had not one, but TWO fantabulous dates.5:57 p.m.: Our dinner date begins.Whirling dervish of paws and fur greets us at the door. Muppets involved in chaos – extent of which remains undetermined.Run upstairs to change into appropriate outfit – running shorts and well-worn Jackets baseball tshirt. Return to kitchen. Fur is literally flying. Every lower cabinet now emptied of contents.“Uhoh!” says Destroy....more

oooo I love the ballet ....

.....especially when my tough football playing son is on stage!  ...more

Encouraging Boys to Become Better Readers

Interestingly, the outcome -- as it relates to reading ability -- is not. While all three children love books and love being read to, there is a marked difference in my son’s ability to read when compared to my two daughters. Theoretically, reading to children makes them better readers. That is what all of the papers and studies (mine included) will tell you. I trained in education (specializing in reading) at the graduate, postgraduate and doctorate level. Reading is my forte and a lot of it goes on in my home....more
@Elayne Thanks Elayne for the post. It sounds like you didn't go wrong at all. It sounds as ...more

Wearing Pink Shoes While Black -- and Male

By Liz Rose-Cohen My son started preschool last Spring, and the more we learned the more we couldn’t believe our luck. One of his teachers is an African American woman. That wasn’t luck. That was planning. Like we moved 700 miles so we could live in a town with a significant African American population and then chose a Montessori preschool with a significant number of African American teachers. That kind of planning. But the fact that she has dark skin was luck. Because my kids have fairly dark skin. ...more
@Liz Rose-Cohen What an amazing update! Thanks so much for stopping by and giving us the news. ...more