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When a Third World Came West

Blog Directory Overview: When a Third World Came West When I was 22 and at a therapy session with my doctor, he told me that I should write down in a journal what I had been through in the previous year. I had waged a battle between chaos and my level-headedness and the latter had won out. The doldrums of my common sense had finally taken over and left my sail through various exploits stationary, after a hectic ride of me chasing the eye of a stormy guy....more

Hot Dogs and Ferraris...Yee Haw!

I just need a moment

Other parents, particularly mothers, have often advised me to enjoy this time with my children – that one day I’ll wake up and the house will be empty.  These women warn that when their own children were young, they assumed life would be so much easier when the kids were weaned, or out of diapers, or in school, or driving, or…(fill in the blank). They had looked forward to these events and reclaiming the tiny bit of independence that each brought with it.  And eventually their little ones ...more

Wake Up Call: 12 year-olds Charged With Attempt to Rape

Recently, in Redwood City, CA, five teenage boys were charged with the intent to commit rape on two of their female classmates during a school field trip. Everyone involved was between the ages of 12 and 14. What are we communicating to our boys that makes any of them think that violence towards women is OK?...more

I used to like Rihanna, but I was absolutely horrified to listen to her song S&M:
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beautiful boys & girls

It is a dinner together with them again~~~ What was the time that last time we sit together? Hehe, forgot, but the feeling is such familiar. Sit together, play jokes on every member, laugh, eating, look like a big family, feel such good. Pretty boys, they do what they did before, they keep their way they had before, they are always being themselves!...more

If My Son Makes a Friend Will He Do Better in School?

Earlier this week I stumbled across an education blog that suggested boys who struggle in school lack close friendships. Developmental psychologist Niobe Way proposed that boys experience a "crisis of connection" caused in part by societal messages that close friendships are for girls only, and that the boys who seek them are sissies. The blog went on to link young males' crises in connection to academic failure, substance abuse, gang participation and general emotional malaise. None of this struck me as particularly thought-provoking -- until I read Way's assertion that seating a boy next to his best friend in the classroom could improve his school performance....more

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The Fearless Inspiration of a Two Year Old Boy

I tell stories about my youngest, but I don't think that other people always believe me.  I know some of them question me when I've told of his latest adventures with a really at the end. He's all boy.  100%.  And he's fearless. It's a little bit terrifying.  For me, anyway. ...more

Boys II Men Cover songs

It's been awhile since I last blogged. I've been busy, especially with the long weekend. But anyways, thought I share this video of a Youtube user named "Jvoqalz" singing his rendition of Boys 2 Men's "On Bended Knee"....more