The Boy is Alright

Note:I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on this blog. All the opinions on here are just that, opinions. You know your child best, and every decision is a personal one that is right for your family.   Today we are going to talk about my second child. Yes, I actually do have two kids, even though I mostly talk about Katie here (hello, mom guilt). I had an epiphany of sorts this week, however, which I wanted to share. ...more

Hi, Jen,

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my post today. I'm really grateful ...more

Heroes are mysterious

We use the word “Hero” fast and loose here in the US.  It bothers me and I must argue against.  If you do a good deed, you are not a hero.  Teachers who help poor children learn are not heroes....more

Exhausted but fulfilled

"Exit Interview for a Mommy" just finished choking me up (BEAUTIFUL PIECE!), so let me get this off my chest. It's 11 p.m. over here and I had no idea that this day was about to be over, because I have yet to stop. I had one meal today, and just now remembered that because as I sat down to write I wondered why my stomach hurt. Could it be all the mayhem that took over my life today that's giving me a scatterbrain? Let's see... the twins got naked about four times, I retrieved several pairs of abandoned socks, washed and folded about six or seven loads... OH!...more

Raising Boys We want to Marry

Mama's Last Week in Review - Letter I

Last week we concentrated on the letter I and the David and Goliath Bible story. This was a fun letter, because it is the first letter in our last name. However, with all the other things going on during the week we didn't do as much as I'd hoped. I do have my first giveaway going on with only 1 comment as of right now...please go to Mom is the Only Girl and check it out!...more

Want a Feminist Son? Tips From a Veteran

Someone asked me how we raised feminist sons. I don’t have a checklist. And if I were to respond seriously, I’d start with something really corny: teach them to respect people – all people. The elevator man. The bus driver. Their best friend’s mom. The guy at the candy counter. Their friends. Their parents’ friends. Their baby sitter. They were Manhattan kids, but they were raised to think of the feelings of every person they met. Of course, that meant all women, too. That was an advantage. ...more

I agree about respecting all people.

I'd take it a bit further, too, to not making ...more

I'm a Beaver!

We went to the local science museum again recently. They have a neat area that's all about beavers and their natural habitat and how humans are affecting it. Of course, for now we concentrate on the animals and feel the pelt and tail and look at the display of a beaver standing outside it's den with a stick in it's mouth. Our visits to this area are usually not very long even with the kiddos playing with the hands-on things there....more


Something has been bothering me since our visit with Santa at the Easter Seals. We went and the boys played in the sensory gym for over and hour. The event lasted 3 hours. In all that time, we only saw ONE girl there to see Santa. All the rest were boys.As a teacher, I work with children with autism, sensory issues, mental illness, ADD, ADHD...and while some are girls, overwhelmingly the majority are boys. What is happening to our boys? What are so many more boys diagnosed with autism than girls? ...more

Past Relationships Leave Clues

As the holidays begin to creep up on everyone, you may be dreading another season alone and being the “single girl” around the holiday tables.   We encourage you to do a little pre-year-end review of the relationships you’ve had so you can really get clear about the one you want to have now.  ...more

New Year New Love

How can another year have passed and you still haven't met the love of your life? You might be thinking you can't have it all and maybe you're thinking you are just going to be satisfied with your life the way it is right now. Stop your stinkin' thinking! There is no reason to settle for status quo when you can have it all! ...more