What is MommyCon?

 MommyCon is an awesome Mommy (and Daddy) convention focused on "natural and organic parenting methods." Lots of the movers and shakers in the baby gear industry show up to promote their new products, and hope to convince the savvy audience that they have cracked the code to make your parenting life easier, more fun, more fulfilling or less hectic....more

Building a Breastfeeding Relationship: Ariana’s Story

by Ariana Powers...more

Don't Rush It

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “I can’t wait until she can just_____.”Most of us have. I can’t wait until she smiles at me. I can’t wait until he starts eating solid food. I can’t wait until he sleeps through the night.Have you ever caught yourself thinking “I can’t believe she is ______ already.” ...more

Breast Compressions

A breast compression is when you squeeze your boob during a breastfeeding or pumping session, increasing the flow of milk.Imagine a water balloon with a tiny pinhole in it.  At rest, water will slowly drip out of that tiny hole, but when you squeeze, it sprays! That is what a breast compression does: sprays your milk into your baby’s mouth.Breast compressions are one of my most favorite breastfeeding tricks.  It keeps a sleepy baby awake, keeps a lazy baby drinking and speeds up the entire feeding in case you really need to pee....more

Boob Baggage from Another Baby

by Erin Rowe...more

Hand Expression

For the first few days of baby’s life, before your milk comes in (around 72 hours after delivery), I recommend that you hand express after most breastfeeding sessions.This will help make sure you are draining your breast fully as you are learning how to breastfeed. Topping the baby off with this expressed colostrum prevents baby from losing too much weight in the first few days.Let’s face it. You don’t know what you are doing; your baby doesn’t know what he is doing.  Hand expression is like a safety net for breastfeeding ignorance....more

Jenny's Journey

Independent, stubborn, adorable, loving, smart, funny, breathtaking.  These are all words I would use to describe my daughter Aria.  I know all this about her and she is only 16 weeks old.  In fact, these characteristics have been present for many weeks now, and I have become aware of them largely through our breastfeeding relationship....more

Booby Baggage

Every time I pick my daughter up, I hug her, I squeeze her, I kiss her all over.  She is absolutely edible, as all babies are. However, because of her start in life, every time I pick her up, in addition to loving all over her, I unconsciously find myself judging her heft. Does she feel heavier than yesterday morning? Are her kissable cheeks any squishier than last night? Was that beautiful bit of thigh fat there the last time I gave her a bath? Try as I might, these thoughts crowd my mind and Katie has a perfect term for them, booby baggage....more


When your milk comes in and you feel like a porn star with a bad boob job.Around day three to day five, if your breasts become really hard, warm, red, and shiny, then you are probably engorged. Don’t freak out!  This is temporary and you will get through it!Normally:...more

Google at Your Own Risk: Breastfeeding & the Internet

I got this email from Tory, new mom to 3 week old Norah. Now, keep in mind that Tory came to Breastfeeding Support Group 4 days prior and was doing fantastic.Hi Katie...more