How To Use Nurse-Ins To Teach Breastfeeding Law

We’ve all heard it before or have watched it on the news: "Mother gets harassed for breastfeeding in public…” You would think that with all the research and studies that have come out in favor of breastfeeding and its benefits, society would be all for it. But yet again, these stories continue to exist. ...more
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Are You a Milk Hoarder?

One day, I am going to host a show on TLC called “Milk Hoarders.” In this show, I will surprise a breastfeeding mom by knocking on her door asking to see her freezer stash of milk. ...more

Give the Man a Chance: Rules for Letting Daddy Learn How to Father

Before I begin, I want to acknowledge that not all babies are born into homes with both a mother and father. Many babies are welcomed into homes with any number of different parenting scenarios. I must say, however, that I particularly like to lovingly poke fun at daddies and how mamas treat daddies. So, for the purposes of this blog, “partner” will be played by the role of “daddy.”  But grandmas, partners, and support people are all included.Rules for Letting Daddy Learn How to Father...more

Damn You, Flow

Chances are that if you haven’t gotten your period back before you return to work, it will come back once you are back to work. You need to know a few things about Flow.First, Flow messes with your supply. Usually, right around when you are ovulating (though some women experience this at the beginning of their periods instead), your supply will dip somewhat and your nipples will get a little sore. Your period probably won’t be regular when you first get it back, so you may not know when you ovulate, but a dip in supply may be one indication....more

What is MommyCon?

 MommyCon is an awesome Mommy (and Daddy) convention focused on "natural and organic parenting methods." Lots of the movers and shakers in the baby gear industry show up to promote their new products, and hope to convince the savvy audience that they have cracked the code to make your parenting life easier, more fun, more fulfilling or less hectic....more

Don't Rush It

Have you ever caught yourself thinking “I can’t wait until she can just_____.”Most of us have. I can’t wait until she smiles at me. I can’t wait until he starts eating solid food. I can’t wait until he sleeps through the night.Have you ever caught yourself thinking “I can’t believe she is ______ already.” ...more

Breast Compressions

A breast compression is when you squeeze your boob during a breastfeeding or pumping session, increasing the flow of milk.Imagine a water balloon with a tiny pinhole in it.  At rest, water will slowly drip out of that tiny hole, but when you squeeze, it sprays! That is what a breast compression does: sprays your milk into your baby’s mouth.Breast compressions are one of my most favorite breastfeeding tricks.  It keeps a sleepy baby awake, keeps a lazy baby drinking and speeds up the entire feeding in case you really need to pee....more