Breastfeed Just Once, and Then Decide

I stumbled across a rather polarizing article on why a particular author decided even before giving birth that she wasn't going to breastfeed. I'm not going to link to it, because I found it offensive and simply argumentative, but it can be found on the Mommyish site, if you care to go hunt it down. The problem I had with her article was that all of her reasons for not wanting to breastfeed were uninformed nonsense. She clearly wrote the article just to antagonize and not to convince or even to simply state her position....more
 @ashleymarie6 I'm glad you liked it. I read that article and wanted to yell at the author. Then ...more

Banning Formula will Promote Breastfeeding - FALSE

I am furious.  ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS. Why? I'll tell you why - Mayor Bloomberg has an initiative to ban formula (or hide it, or something) to force mothers to breastfeed their babies. I am a lactivist, I have said this before, I love breastfeeding, I advocate for it, I support all mother's that choose to give that to their kids. Key word in there: choose. ...more

Kids Need to See Women Breastfeeding

The other day, we were at a community barbecue at the Rabbi's house. I wandered into the living room of the house, where several of my friends were sitting around and chatting. One friend said she was sorry, but she thinks she made a faux pas. I couldn't imagine what she could have done. She explained that my oldest son had come in while one of the other mothers was preparing a bottle of formula for her daughter....more

Bloomberg is Not The Devil (Well, At Least Not Because of Latch On NYC)

I'm a feminist. In addition to that, I am a milker..err...I mean, breastfeeding mother. So lately I have been doing some soul searching about Latch On NYC, the initiative in New York City to support breastfeeding in hospitals. I have read so many posts about it and people are pissed. Especially the feminists. But wait a minute, I am a feminist. Why am I not pissed about this? So I continued to read and I researched....more

Our First Month Of Breastfeeding

Amelia has been exclusively breastfeeding for 1 month now and I have to say it’s been amazing. I love being able to provide food for my baby and see her contented smile as she snuggles into my breast after feedings. But I can say it’s not been without its challenges…latch ...more

Breasts not required

In honor of August being National Breastfeeding Month, here is a list of 10 free (or almost free) things you can do from the comfort of your home to support breastfeeding.My favorite thing about this list is that both men & women can do them; lactating breasts not required! ...more

I'm a Milk Making Machine (or, Breastfeeding: The Early Days_

This morning I was reminiscing with friends about the struggles we all faced as first time mothers learning to breastfeed. I decided to go back and read what I had written on our family blog about my experience at the time. I wrote the following when L was about 2 months old. It's a bit long but I think you'll find it entertaining...Current commentary is in italics. ...more

Bloomberg's War on Moms

Mayor Bloomberg showed his usurpation of power and lack of common sense when he banned soda for the good of the people....more
Oh and I want to add that I agree with soooo much of what you said. I am angry about 90% of the ...more

Breastfeeding Mamas: I NEED YOU!

A dear, sweet friend of mine from high school has written me looking for encouragement. She's nursing her 6 month old daughter, Willow, and has hit a road block. I think everyone who has nursed knows what that feels like. You  feel like you can't go on one more moment with this person living off your body. You're tired. You're spent. You want to give up. My friend has even more than usual weighing on her. She became a widow as a pregnant newlywed. She suddenly lost her husband and then went on to become a single, working mama....more

breastfeeding bottle feeding and a call to action!

I vaguely remember meeting Aram for the first time.He was three days old and they wheeled me into the NICU. One of the nurses rolled me up to a little plastic container holding him.I went to peek in but before I could see him another nurse stopped me. “I’m sorry, I just need to check your ID bracelet and make sure it matches the baby’s. I know, you’re thinking ‘but I know my own baby!’ I’m sorry, it’s just protocol.”  Overwhelming sadness came over me. I had never seen him before…I wouldn’t know my own baby and I was happy she was checking the bracelet to make sure....more