The Voices in Your Head Make You Feel It

You already know about the Bitch Mama and the Brave Mama aka Ego and Intuition, right? If not, make sure you go back and read that blog first.  Ego is the big, loud mouthed, mean, bitchy voice in your head that reminds you on a regular basis that you aren’t trying hard enough, doing enough, nursing enough, pumping enough.  It is really easy to let that Bitch Mama in your head convince you that you aren’t enough....more

Breastfeeding Women Who Code

In a departure from the usual fashion magazine fare, the latest issue of Glamour features two articles about the tech industry: "Secrets of Silicon Valley (That Only Women Know)" and  "35 Women Under 35 Who Are Changing the Tech Industry."...more
Thanks,! Look forward to YOUR piece. Btw, mine has interviews ...more

Don’t TRY to Breastfeed…PLAN to Breastfeed.

Have you ever noticed that if you ask a pregnant woman,“Are you going to breastfeed or bottlefeed?”...more

Fear is Your Mama Bear: How Fear Helps you Breastfeed

This is #7 of the “10 Pitfalls to Breastfeeding Enjoyment”Everyone has heard that question: what is the biggest sacrifice you make when you have a baby?  Is it sleep? Your body? Your sex life? Your social life.  Nope.  For me,...more

Controversy Over a Little Piece of Plastic

By Erica Richardson...more

What is Your Breastfeeding Mindset?

You either have a fixed breastfeeding mindset, or a growth breastfeeding mindset.Fixed Breastfeeding Mindset:“Breastfeeding is hard today. Even if I get help, breastfeeding will always be hard, so why should I get help?”“My baby and I just aren’t good at breastfeeding.”“My baby doesn’t like my left breast (so why even try to offer it?)”“I have “low-supply”...more

Breastfeeding Must Be Comfortable AND Effective

In my opinion, there is no right or wrong way to breastfeed.  If it is comfortable and it is effective, it is right.What does that mean?Well, all doctors and nurses seem to care about is if it is effective.  Meaning, is the baby getting enough to eat? Of course that is important and you should know exactly how to be able to tell if breastfeeding is working.Learn how to know if breastfeeding is “effective.”...more

Ask For What You Need

As a self-sufficient, educated, career driven and independent woman, for most of your adult life you have been able to take care of yourself. You have gotten so good at it in fact that you can take care of yourself, your husband, your 2 dogs and your sister who never seemed to get her act together.Oftentimes, it is easier to do things yourself rather than asking someone else to do it. (Typically you can do it faster and frankly you can do it better.)When asked the question, “can I do anything for you?” ...more

How Breastfeeding Ended My Body War

When I was 13 years old, I saved my money to order TBRS from a catalog. TBRS. Total Body Reshaping System. At 13, I was already sure my body needed to be totally reshaped, starting with my boobs (because I had none). Over the next 10 years, I raged against my body. I hated it, wished it were different. I dieted, binged, overexercised. But, mostly I was just mean to it....more
Beautiful!  It's amazing what our bodies can do no matter what they might look like on the outside.more

Amanda & Miguel’s Story

Miguel’s Storyby Amanda Hooper AlcarazAs you know, we came to you the first time when Miguel was only a week old and had an awful latch....more