The Confusion about Nipple Confusion

It is a common recommendation from breastfeeding experts to forego artificial nipples (pacifiers or bottles) for the first few weeks or even months of breastfeeding to avoid the dreaded and ever-elusive nipple confusion. Instead, it is recommended that any sucking be done directly at breast and if that is not possible, a finger is an adequate substitute....more

The Doctor’s Always Right? How to Make the Best Medical Decisions for Yourself and Your Baby

This blog wraps up the top ten reasons why you might not be enjoying breastfeeding. Read reasons 1-9, too!...more

The Basics of Human Survival: Take Care of YOU too!

This is #9 in the 10 Reasons why you may not be enjoying breastfeeding.You might not be enjoying breastfeeding or life for that matter if your body feels neglected and abused....more

5 things nobody tells you about Breastfeeding

This was us at the hospital after Maia was born....more

Fear Is Your Mama Bear: How Fear Helps You Breastfeed

This is #7 of the “10 Pitfalls to Breastfeeding Enjoyment.”Everyone has heard that question: what is the biggest sacrifice you make when you have a baby? Is it sleep? Your body? Your sex life? Your social life?  Nope. For me,...more

Breastfeeding Misunderstanding– Breastfeeding… or Blow Job??| New Blabbermom

We’re back with an all new episode of Blabbermom, our web series where we interview real moms about their funny, embarrassing, and crazy parenting stories.In this brand new episode, Victoria and her husband experience a “breastfeeding misunderstanding” in a New York City park! Can you imagine what passers-by were thinking??And like many of our videos, this one isn’t safe for kids!Breastfeeding Misunderstanding…  ...more

7 Evil Advantages Of Breastfeeding

You have definitely read a million articles on advantages of breastfeeding on physical and emotional health of mother and child. You won’t read about all those in here. Here, I am writing about how you can take advantage of the fact that you are breastfeeding. After all, breast is the best.  ...more

Feed Your Baby Wherever You Are

This is #4 in the “10 Pitfalls to Breastfeeding Enjoyment” series.You can’t stay inside your house and never go anywhere for the next 12-24 months. And, if you dare go out, I guarantee that little baby of yours will need to nurse before you get home. So, what are you supposed to do??...more

Breastfeeding Advice for the short term: Get the Golden Milk!

 1.  Your baby comes three weeks early, so breastfeeding will most likely come later.  You can still pump while the baby gets to the breastfeeding stage. 2.  You are wondering how you are going to survive nursing your baby 24/7 every 2 hours. Having arrived pre prematurely, chances are they'll take both  the bottle and the breast.  ...more

Postpartum Confession | My Story: Jacalyn Scott

For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to be pregnant and be mom. I couldn't wait to have a bump and after we miscarried our first baby at 7 weeks, we were delighted to find out we were expecting again just a month later. My pregnancy had a few scares but was rather uneventful! I delivered my beautiful baby boy March 19th, 2015 at 41 weeks after 25 hours of labor. We were able to take our little boy home on March 21st....more