Down one more....

Down one more.... I know that I can not breastfeed forever, I know that Kitkat can not be a teenager and still be breastfeeding. But why is it that I have such mixed feelings about weaning her down?! Now when I say weaning down... I do not mean weaning off...... As you might remember I am a scheduled nurser. I nurse my babies on a schedule..... same times every day. More or less Mommy Lead feeding. However, my girls do and did tell me when it is time to eat... which I still find pretty funny. Cranky baby?? Look at the clock.... oh well yeah it is time to eat! hehe ...more

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The Politics of Mother's Milk

You may have heard the old adage that “money is the mother’s milk of politics,” but money also has a lot to do with the politics of mother’s milk. Last week Rep. Michele Bachmann, R., Minn., criticized Michelle Obama for announcing that she would work to encourage breastfeeding as part of her campaign against childhood obesity, accusing the First Lady of encouraging a “new definition” of a “nanny state.”...more

Ahhh, I wondered what in the world would make those two come out against breastfeeding, when ...more

The breastfeeding total elimantion diet is ovah! & how Zantac caused protein intolerance in my six mo old.

I have been eating whatever my little heart pleases for over a week now and James' poop looks better than ever! It's incredible. I am 100% convinced that the Ranitidine (Zantac) is what was causing the protein intolerances and horrible poop. His eczema has COMPLETELY cleared too. Unfreakinbelievable....more

10 Things I've learned to do while breastfeeding

As moms we have a lot of responsibilities to handle. Luckily we are naturally adept at being kick-ass multi-taskers (sorry guys, you got the "I don't need to ask for directions" gene instead). I had no idea becoming a mother would equip me to juggle my duties like a well-trained circus clown. Add breastfeeding to the mix of daily activities and I've either created a masterful circus of wonder or road-side freak show. You be the judge.......more

Things that made my day today, and some that didn't

THE GOOD Mom Things 1.  Getting my baby girl's 6 month checkup and finding out I'm not crazy, she really does weigh a ton....more

I'm a formula-feeding pariah... but at least my nipples aren't bleeding!

When I was pregnant with Em, I was all like, I am going to friggin' breastfeed. Period. No ifs. No ands. No buts.  To me, there was no other choice; I knew that breastfeeding was the very best thing for her and I would have rather died (not really) than give her disgusting, artificial, sub-par baby formula....more

Em. path. y.

That's all we're asking for when we talk about how hard some aspects of ...more

breastfeeding a toddler

This is what I love about breastfeeding Mummies and well breastfeeding in general. No matter how much training you have..... a situation will come up where you need some help...... and you are not afraid to ask for it!!! I got an email from Courtney, our Lactation Educator here at Mummies Nummies. Here is her situation:...more

Lop sided breastmilk filled breasts?

So I had a thought......I produce more breastmilk on my right side than I do on my left side. I am also right handed.......So I did a poll.... wanna take it and see where you fall??CLICK HERE


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