There's Never a "Good Time"

  I am not a “by-the-book” mom. If you asked me what method of child-rearing I use to make sure my daughter is not being totally traumatized by her early years, I wouldn’t be able to name an “ism,” or refer you to a doctor or parenting guru. For the most part, I’m just parenting “from the hip,” the way my gut tells me to....more

Mommy Has a Face, You Know!

It would be REALLY great if Emmy weren’t TOTALLY booby-obsessed. You see, while other toddlers have binkies, blankies, wubbies, and noonies (I made that one up, but it sounds like something a child would love) to turn to as sources of comfort, my beautiful girl wants to hold mama’s boobies. All… the… time. Oh, but she doesn’t just want to FEEL mama’s boobies. She wants to take them out of mama’s shirt and play with them. When I go to pick Em up from daycare, the first thing she does is put her hand down my shirt. ...more
@iamamess Yup, sure sounds like you and I are stranded on the same island! I just keep hoping ...more

So you’re planning on nursing? 6 things you’re going to want to know:

   When I was pregnant I took a class on nursing, but a lot of what they covered in the class didn’t really sink in, until after my baby was born.   I ended up nursing both of my children more than a year.  Two things I will say:When breastfeeding clicks and is done right, it is a wonderful, amazing bonding experience that I wouldn’t trade for the world. When it’s done wrong, it can hurt like the dickens. ...more

On Change

I usually wouldn’t write when I’m feeling this emotional - at least not for anyone else to read - because the introvert in me likes to portray an “I’ve got it all together” image.  But I learned several years ago that communion comes from being honest and the sharing of our trials.  Putting on my brave face, then, I want to share some of my current trials with you - so that we can share in life together.   ...more

Breastfeeding on Sesame Street- Ok or not ok???

 A recent petition has grabbed headlines. Should the iconic Sesame Street talk about breastfeeding??? The interesting thing is that, they already have. Back in the 70's & 80's breastfeeding was not only talked about but shown on the program. Then, sometime in the 90's breastfeeding became a dirty, backroom, type thing. ...more
@edavis That is another reason to have breastfeeding on SS. Thanks for commenting! more

"Heavy Metal" Artist Finds Breastfeeding on 'Saga' Cover Offensive

Dave Dorman's excuse seems to be that he was under the impression, given something writer Brian K. Vaughan said in an interview about today’s comics being inaccessible to the younger generation, that Saga was meant to be an all-ages book. However, that does not excuse the bulk of his reaction to the image of a mother breastfeeding her infant. Editor's Note: While we believe the image being discussed is not offensive, some photos in this post may not be suitable for work....more
I agree. Breastfeeding is awesome and beautiful. Barbaramore

Breastfeeding and NASCAR: Not So Different After All

I'll put it out there straight: I'm not a NASCAR fan. I will even go so far to say I hate everything surrounding NASCAR: the culture, the petroleum usage, the NOISE. But with millions of fans and billions of dollars in revenue, I am clearly in the minority when it comes to opinions about the, ahem, sport....more

Weaning - the emotional aspect of it all

To be completely honest, I’ve been staring at my blank screen for about an hour now, just trying to figure out how to even begin to write this post.  I guess I’ll start at the beginning....more

#Zombiemoms Unite

Once upon a time, staying up til 4 clubbing and drinking enough illusion shakers to have a nasty hangover at work the next day was the kind of fodder me and my girlfriends laughed about the following week. Now, with 2 kids I know that if I am up all night this is not going to matter to them the next day. Chances are if one keeps me up during the night, the other is going to be full of beans the next day. There is no rest for the wicked or mothers....more
I am glad to say that all my children are grown, and I can at least get in my 7 to 8 hours of ...more

Breastfeeding: better for mothers

While most new and expecting mothers may know that breastfeeding has many benefits for babies, they may not understand just how many ways that breastfeeding helps women. A woman who nurses her baby is not only providing her child with the best possible chance at lifelong good health, she's ensuring her own health as well. Research shows that women who choose to breastfeed will actually reduce their risk for quite a few illnesses and diseases....more