"Isn't she a little big to be nursing still?"

That's the question we're starting to hear as Zofia nears 2 years old. ...more

Athena's take on the Time magazine cover is one of the better ones, no?

Athena is kind of like a National Geographic photographer. She quietly goes through the house taking pictures of unsuspecting people to catch them in their natural habitat. Sometimes that means you're photographed in the shower, sometimes it means you're photographed cramming a hot dog in your face. Sometimes she even takes videos or uses effects to dress up her work. ...more

Breastfeeding natural? Um, no not so much.

*Please note that I am not for or against breast feeding. I am not for or against formula. I am FOR a Happy, relaxed, Mom. ...more

I Spy...A Bad Mom


Babies and Boob Jobs: When Breastfeeding After Implants Doesn't Work Right

There is a common myth that you can’t nurse with implants; this isn’t true. When done properly and with minimal damage, breastfeeding after a boob job should not be a problem. For me it was. I tried to nurse Luciano. I had recently had my first set of implants removed and it was excruciating. I tried for a few weeks but I gave up pretty quickly. With Serendipity, I was adamant that I wasn’t going there again. There was no way I would put myself through such a horrible experience a second time. I was harassed guided by nurses and well-meaning family members for days. Three days after she was born, I finally decided to give it a try. It was just as horrible as I remembered and it only lasted a few weeks....more
I am 55 years old, so I am no longer of the child-bearing years, but I think this is a wonderful ...more

We're All Mom Enough

A week ago, my friend and business partner Dionna of Code Name: Mama called me up excitedly and said TIME Magazine was looking for attachment parenting families who wanted to participate in a photo shoot in New York City. I ended up being passed over as a candidate, but she was chosen as one of the models for tandem breastfeeding a baby and an older nursling (the glowing #3 in the slideshow). To the right is a candid her husband snapped during the shoot. ...more
 @hobomama The women in the Time piece, as pointed out here, are hardly Rubenesque, either. Silly.more

How Attached Must We Be?

I suppose I am getting old. As are my friends, because we read about all these new-fangled ways to raise children and we become confused. Back in our day, we had one authority, his name was Dr. Spock (nothing to do with Startrek) and we either looked to his book for guidance or we called our mothers. Now, a new mom and dad have to wade through thousands of theories, blogs, books and websites to decide their parenting method. What's a new parent to do?Well, here's some input from one Yankee farmwife, who isn't afraid to admit she has no clue but she certainly has an opinion....more

Thanks Time Magazine, Now Shut The Hell Up

I said I wasn’t going to mention it. For the last week, I’ve kept fairly silent on the whole “Hot mama nursing her toddler boy on the cover of Time magazine” debacle discussion. I’m not nursing a toddler. And I’m pretty confidently entrenched in my own style of Attachment Parenting, so I don’t really give a shit what Dr. Sears or another blogger or Mayim Bialik thinks/says/feels about how I parent, thank you very much. So I sat back and watched it all play out. With a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach....more
OK.  That's fair, and I appreciate your honesty in telling me why you disagree.  I often get ...more