Breast Milk Math … Or Am I Done Pumping Yet?

The precise computations a pumping mother does every day to calculate whether she’s pumped enough milk to fill the next day’s bottles rivals the most complex theoretical mathematics problems that keep grad students scratching their heads at MIT. For advanced milk math, you will need to have completed Breastfeeding 101, Breast Pump Basics, Breast Milk Storage, the 200-level course Pumping While Traveling and the companion course Surrendering Your Dignity. ...more
If you're interested in calculus and differential equations, you need to try the milk math ...more

Can't Cry Over Spilled Milk

During my first few weeks of motherhood, my breast felt like they were going to explode. And they did- literally. I woke up one day with a puddle in my bed. I was ready trade my breast pads for a puppy wee-wee pads....more

Breastfeeding Still

Breastfeeding for the long, long haul. ...more

Hooter Hider Caped Crusader

It has been four months that I've been tackling two kids at the same time. Multitasking became a new normal. I have read a study somewhere that suggested multitasking is not truly possible, that it is just what our society likes to boast about, but our brain is only able to focus on one task at a time. My brain is not able to focus on anything at all. Sometimes I doubt it is still present, but that does not mean I can afford not to do five things at the same time....more

Modern Day Wet Nursing: Should We Judge Moms Who Buy Breastmilk Online?

I was one of those lucky mothers. Well, I was lucky once I figured out how to deal with, pump, and then store my oversupply of milk. At first I felt truly cursed, as I had enough breastmilk for triplets, a letdown strong enough to hit a target across the room. I would wake up after two hours of sleep feeling as if I had boulders attached to my chest. Once my baby started sleeping through the night, I still had to wake up and pump or risk clogged ducts and intense pain come morning. But it never crossed my mind to sell my breast milk online. I did, however, donate my breastmilk. As you might have seen trending and on morning news shows today, 70% of breastmilk purchased online has been found to be contaminated....more
Interesting.  There is a Milk Bank here in town and I know that they are high in demand, ...more

"What message do we send about the roles of women?" -Anna Quindlen

***TRIGGER WARNING***I breastfed Boots (my little girl) until a few days before her third birthday. I breastfed Bubba (my little boy) until he was two and a half. Altogether, I spent over six years of my life either being pregnant, breastfeeding, or doing both simultaneously.At this point, several of you probably think that I'm insane. Others might consider that quite normal. Normal breastfeeding behavior is one of those things entirely dependent upon your culture....more

Mommahood Mission- Measuring Success by Happiness

It’s about to get real here. “Touchy Feely” so to speak.Being a mom is difficult.There, I said it. I mean… did we think it would stop with the pain of labour? Pft…...more

"He's Too Big. Stop Letting Him Eat So Much"

Recently, we attended a family event with my side of the family. This was a joyous occasion as one of my siblings and her husband are having their first baby. We all had a quite a pleasant time playing games and talking with people we don't see very often. Many of those people hadn't seen Baby in person yet, or since around the time he was born. The important thing to remember is that many of these people, family mind you, rarely see Baby growing, minus the few pictures I may send via text occasionally....more

Breastfeeding - 1st Latch

When breastfeeding is what you've chosen to do, the first latch is very important. As soon after birth as possible, baby should latch and begin suckling. When a baby suckles at the breast, oxytocin and prolactin are released. Oxytocin aids in bonding, relaxation, and helps the uterus to contract thereby constricting blood vessels and aiding in the uterus' return to it's pre-pregnancy state/size. Prolactin is the hormone that aids in milk's production. Both of these hormones are important to baby and mom....more

Formula "Goody" Bags

I've written before about doctors and hospitals giving out bags supplied by formula manufacturers, specifically here and here....more