Nothing Left to Give

It is only Day 6 of full-on pregnancy symptoms, and I’m already losing my mind. How in god’s name am I going to make it through another five weeks of this insanity? I wish I could just buck up. I wish I could soldier on, and not let the morning sickness drag me down....more
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breast vs bottle welcome to the mother guilt party

mother guilt is one of those things that all of us mum's have hidden in the back of the metaphorical sock drawer. every so often i like to pick a topic and mull it over. recently i have seen post after post after comment after conversation about one of the biggest debates. also one of the apparent biggest causes of mummy guilt there is.the bottle vs breast war.  I've decided its about time i weighed in....more
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Breastfeeding An Older Adopted Child

I wanted to write about our adoptive breastfeeding story, and why it was such a positive experience....more
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10 Things Breastfeeding Advocates Need To Stop Saying

Editor's note: Today, BlogHer Publishing Network member Jamie Lynne Grumet of I Am Not The Babysitter bravely appeared on the cover ofTIME -- breastfeeding her three-year-old, under the headline "Are You MOM Enough?" The cover is generating quite a bit of controversy: It's shown up on Forbes under the title "Will TIME's Breastfeeding Cover Be Bad for Business? and on Politico as TIME Magazine's Provocative New Cover, to name a couple. Recently, Jamie wrote the below post for BlogHer -- a smart take by an attachment parenting and breastfeeding advocate challenging some of the behaviors she sees. Read her post, take a look at the TIME cover that's causing all the controversy, and let us know in the comments: What do you think? -- Julie One of the main reasons breastfeeding advocates are negatively judged by the mainstream media is their attack on formula feeding mothers as part of their defense. This really angers me, because I feel that some breastfeeding mothers are aiding in the attack and judgment of my family (a family that practices extended breastfeeding) through their malicious statements directed at formula feeding mothers. Photo Credit: Author. Here are 10 phrases all breastfeeding advocates should just stop saying:...more
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Breastfeeding Rant

I love Jesus, but sometimes I’m confused by some people that claim to be his followers.I think half of our sexual repression leading to our oversexed society is partly due to puritan beliefs coming from mainstream churches.I’m going to get really hippyish on you all, warning to leave now if you want....more

I Was A Breastfeeding Drop-Out

There is a deep chasm of fear and failure that separates the mother that I am, and the mother that I long to be....more

Breastfeeding isn't just for hippies

When my husband asked his mother why she chose not to breastfeed 27 years ago she relpied, "formula was just the thing to do then". Apparently after talking to my own mom, she summed it up, both of my sisters and I were formula babies because, "Back then it was sort of for homeless people and hippies"!  At one time public opinion was, we could duplicate and improve a mother's milk.  Now we know how breast milk is almost magic....more

Begrudging Breastfeeding

In the past 17 months of breastfeeding my daughter, I have not ONCE said to myself, “what was I THINKING when I decided to breastfeed??”At least not until this past Saturday.Let me make this clear: I am a TERRIBLE sick person....more
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Stop Calling Us Nazis!

(originally posted @ My Really Real Reality) I cringe every time I hear the phrase.  It makes my skin crawl.  And yet, as a breastfeeding counselor and advocate - I hear it being tossed around all the time by those who do not support breastfeeding or believe "Breast is Best" as well as by those who do.  The term "breastfeeding nazi".  (aka: boob nazi or nipple nazi) Nazi?  Really?  Are we really comparing the (sometim...more
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When is your child too old to breasfeed?

When you ask your little one not to talk with their mouth full, and their mouth happens to be full of your breast, then you have to wonder: Is it time to stop breastfeeding?...more
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