Breastfeeding: A Series {My Story}

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Breastfeeding: 7 Simple Reasons Why I Love It

My love for breastfeedingwas far from there 14 years ago when the oldest made her debut. A 2 day less then a half heartened attempt was made before the white flag was waved. Same continued with the 2 older boys. It was something that amazed me but just seemed so foreign. Fast forward to about 8 yrs later, pulling my big girl panties on; I gave it a try. I actually stuck with breastfeeding Sy till he was 11 months old....more

Breastfeeding My Baby: a Comfort and Commitment

My inner hippie chick was released as soon as my pregnancy was confirmed. I made the decision early on to try breastfeeding, although the idea admittedly freaked me out a little. ...more
This is so  lovely. Honestly? I thought it was going to be another "I just gave up *insert ...more

Why I Let My Adopted Preschoolers Nurse

A few days after we arrived home from Ethiopia as a family of four, I was sitting on the couch with one of my daughters when she stuck her hand down my shirt. I thought she was being playful at first, but it soon became clear she was reaching for my breast, wanting to nurse. I didn’t know what to do. My initial reaction was to gently pull her hand away and redirect her; after all, there was no milk there, and my four-year-old daughter is obviously not a baby. But I stopped myself, and here’s why…...more

Four Kinds of Breastfeeding Support: Emotional, Practical, Improper, and Unhelpful

I can't emphasize enough that when you have a new baby, you need support. Going it alone is unnatural and stressful. They say it takes a village, and while you may not have an entire village to help you, I hope you at least have your partner and a few trusted friends and relatives who are there for you.When it comes to breastfeeding support, you need to make sure that (a) you have some, and (b) you have the right kind....more

Why Breastfeed?

Consider these two meals:...more

Dear Breasts: An Open Letter from Mommy

Dear Breasts, We’ve been avoiding eye contact, and I know it’s been awhile since we last spoke. Recently, we both said some things we didn’t mean. I guess we’ve always had a difficult relationship. As a teenager I put pressure on you to be someone that you weren’t in order for me to keep up with the other faster growing girls. I apologize for the time my mother caught me smearing you in Hellmann's mayonnaise because my friend Amber Scott told me this was the best way to make you grow. Needless to say, we were unable to make potato salad that night....more
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What i'm really thinking the Breastfeeding mother

What I’m really thinking Re. the bottle feeding mother!In a word utter shite!...more

Breast vs. Bottle: The struggle ...more