It Is Okay to Quit

It really is okay to quit breastfeeding. Everybody does sooner or later.Once you quit breastfeeding for good, it may be after already quitting nine other times. Some of us will, in fact, quit breastfeeding ten times.It’s okay to quit breastfeeding, you know. It will be okay when you finally “break down,” “give-in,” and “give-up.” Some of you may have quit all ten times listed below....more

Why Breast v Formula Should Not Be a Debate

We all know the breastfeeding versus formula feeding debate. We've all heard the passionate, and often outright hostile, arguments on each side. Many of us probably have an opinion one way or the other. Well, this post is not going to be about mine. No, I am not here to wade into the debate, I am here to ask whether it should be a debate at all....more

What Is Balanced Breastfeeding?

What is Balanced Breastfeeding?Balanced Breastfeeding is practical prenatal education.Breastfeeding success starts in pregnancy. Prenatal breastfeeding courses should not be laden with arguments for why you should choose to breastfeed your baby, but rather packed full of resources and tools that will help a pregnant couple succeed in their choice to breastfeed. It should also include appropriate goal setting based upon individual medical, emotional, and social history....more

Top 10 Products Every Pumpin’ Mama Should Buy

There is a lot of stuff out there on the market for pumping mamas.  Here is a list of the top 10 must buy items compiled by  the Pumpin’ Mamas from The Pumpin’ Mama’s Blueprint and me.1. Extra Set of Pumping Parts2. Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra(enter “Milkmom” to get $10 and free shipping)...more

Block Feeding

So, you have determined you have too much milk (TMM) and you have decided you don’t want to be the primary pumping station for the human milk bank. You want to make a little less milk. That’s okay! Don’t feel guilty for wanting less!...more

Breastfeeding is like orange juice

A couple of weeks months ago (thank you, 8-month sleep regression) mothers all over the globe took to the trenches again over this breastfeeding study from Brazil, suggesting that breastfed babies end up smarter, richer and more educated than their formula-fed counterparts....more

It's Black Breastfeeding Week -- and Yes, We Need It

World Black Breastfeeding Week begins on August 25, 2015 and I am already hearing the negative, disapproving buzz in the lactation community. I will never understand why anyone—especially lactation consultants—disapproves of World Black Breastfeeding Week. As International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, we have an ethical responsibility to support all cultures, and this includes African-American women....more
AndrewLawton Yawn. Wake me up when it's Black Vegan Pre-op Feminists for Pro-Brony-Rights ...more

A Working Mom's Guide to Pumping: Talking with Jessica Shortall of 'Work, Pump, Repeat'

On September 1, my son will turn one year old. On that day, I’ll celebrate him, and all the joy he’s brought into my life, and I’ll celebrate my and my husband’s parenting—we kept him alive for a whole year!—and I’ll also celebrate meeting a milestone that seemed like a total pipe dream when he was born: I will have made it through a year of breastfeeding and pumping milk—endless ounces of milk—to help him grow. ...more
love2bmrsb Hi there...if for some reason the opening of the tubing streches, it can create a ...more

What to Expect During a Lactation Consultation

Now that you have found a high quality IBCLC, make an appointment for a consultation!...more

Managing Too Much Milk (TMM)

So, you have determined that you have an oversupply problem. Let’s figure out how to make this a little bit better.TMM Problem #1: The Drowning BabyTMM Tip #1: Before getting baby on the boob, tuck a burp cloth into your bra to catch the drips....more