Why I Didn't Breastfeed

I originally posted this on my first blog, and got a lot of great reviews so I thought I would repost this here. I will be doing this for many of my posts as I am shutting down my first blog. A lot of people have asked me why I don’t breastfeed my baby girl. I am going to start off by saying this is not a post about why you shouldn’t breastfeed or why you just absolutely have to breastfeed. This is about my choices and what happened along the way....more

Is Your Baby the Boss of You?

Is your baby the boss of you?Well, is he?...more

How To Find a Quality Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

Ideally, you should find an IBCLC you love before your baby is born.  But, if you are unable to do this, searching for a consultant after is certainly an option. Even if you are having a lot of breastfeeding difficulty and you feel desperate, don’t settle for the first breastfeeding support person you can find. Make sure you know who you are interviewing and what questions to ask them.  Meeting with the wrong person can make breastfeeding worse rather than better!...more

I Take Zoloft

I have taken Zoloft for about 13 years.  I first went on it in Nursing School in 2002 when I had a Major Depressive Episode....more

My No-Longer-Needed Freezer Stash & Where to Donate Breast Milk

I started pumping at about four weeks postpartum to build my freezer “stash.” It became almost an obsession to squeeze out those last few drops after each nursing session, or to fit in a pump during Annabelle’s longest sleep stretch....more

Top 10 Products Every Pumpin’ Mama Should Buy

There is a lot of stuff out there on the market for pumping mamas.  Here is a list of the top 10 must buy items compiled by  the Pumpin’ Mamas from The Pumpin’ Mama’s Blueprint and me.1. Extra Set of Pumping Parts2. Simple Wishes Hands Free Pumping Bra(enter “Milkmom” to get $10 and free shipping)...more

A Breastfeeding Mother's Fear: Will My Baby Fail The Weight Check?

Butterflies in my stomach, inability to sleep.  Hope that I would make the grade, nerves that I would not. Anxiety about being blamed for something I was ignorant about. Trepidation about being judged, eager for praise, terrified of being reprimanded. Did the baby gain enough weight? Did the baby gain enough weight? I study the nurse’s face as she places him on the scale.  I see a flicker of concern in her eyes. I think, “The weight is bad.” How the hell am I supposed to know how much the baby is supposed to weigh?...more

Know Your Rights at Work

You have pumping rights when you return to work!Your employer is required to provide you with “reasonable break time” to express your milk for the first year of your baby’s life.  Your employer must also provide you with a place to pump that is free from intrusion and shielded from view. And, no, this place cannot be the bathroom. (I don’t prepare my lunch in the bathroom, do you?)Below are the requirements that employers must observe for a nursing mother for the first year after her child’s birth....more

My true breastfeeding story

Being a survivor of getting pregnant, morning sickness, evolving into a whale, contractions, labor ...more


Is this real? Is this precious baby really here? Alive?I stare at my baby through the clear plastic wall that contains him, feeling a similar plastic wall around my heart. My mind knows he is mine. Logically, I know he is here. He is safe. But my heart—my heart is not yet so trusting....more