Why the Mandatory Breastfeeding Law has Nothing to do with Babies.

The passage by the United Arab Emirates' Federal National Council of a clause in their Child Rights Law requiring new moms to breastfeed their babies for two full years has gone viral....more

Can You Be Addicted to Your Baby?

Breastfeeding has a subtle but incredible effect on me: It makes me addicted to my baby. I've never thought about it in those terms before, but now that I'm on my third nursling, I actually noticed this pattern. When I'm agitated or upset, the first thing I do is seek out my baby and go cuddle with him, and nurse him if he's willing. ...more

Breastfeeding on the Go: Taking a Road Trip with a Breastfed Baby

We took a 6-day road trip at the end of December with our four boys, ages 7, 5, 2, and 2 months. We traveled from the Bay Area, California, to Las Vegas via Yosemite and Death Valley, then from Vegas on to our old stomping grounds near San Diego, and from there back home to the Bay Area. It was a great trip, and the boys did very well in the car....more

Super Mom Closes A Chapter With A Small Defeat And A Big Win

I love that I don't have to worry about packing bottles when I go out, or making one in the middle of the night.I hate wondering if I'm eating enough, drinking enough, consuming too much caffeine, causing her gas, if she's getting enough nutrients, or if she would just freaking cry less if she were drinking formula.I love that I stuck through the rough first 6 weeks and can be proud of myself for that feat....more
formula rocks!  my kids screamed and wanted to feed constantly so i never thought i was making ...more

8 Months of Breastfeeding

I haven't talked about in-depth or in any real way is how breastfeeding affects me as a person, the way we manage regular life tasks (eating out, shopping, etc.), the way I parent, or my evolution as a breastfeeding mother. This is the post that will cover all these things. Hopefully, whether you're considering breastfeeding, haven't breastfed, want to breastfeed, are in the midst of breastfeeding, or simply wonder what breastfeeding is really like, this post will help.The truth is, I've had ups and downs. For a period of time I thought my downs weren't going to end....more

Pumping Tips for Stay-at-Home Moms

With my second and third babies, I intended to pump milk and build a freezer stash so that the baby could have a bottle once in a while if my husband and I went out. What I found was there's not much time or motivation to pump when you're with your baby 24/7, since preparing a bottle is more trouble than just putting baby to breast, and when exactly are you supposed to pump when you have to feed your baby every couple of hours?...more

thoughts on motherhood: part one

let me start by stating: mothers rule. before becoming a mother {just a little under a month ago}, i had no idea about the amount of anxiety i would experience about every. little. thing. i’ve spent more time googling things these past few weeks than i have in the past year. nipple confusion? acid reflux? baby poop colors, textures, and frequency? baby hiccups? baby lip quiver? when to introduce a bottle to a newborn? i’m not being dramatic. on top of the googling, i’ve been reading various philosophies about sleep training newborns and babies. phew. ...more

Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal: Fast and Easy, Great for Kids and Nursing Moms!

      This easy pumpkin spice oatmeal recipe is a fast and hearty breakfast that my kids ask for repeatedly during the fall and winter months. It is also an excellent recipe for nursing mothers as it helps keep milk supply up and packs a real nutritional punch....more

Breastfeeding a Newborn: How Often Does My Baby Nurse?

I have a confession to make: I have no idea how often or for how long my baby nurses.That's right! Gasp! I don't keep track!When someone asks me, "How often does he eat?" or "How many times do you get up at night to feed him?", I don't have an answer beyond, "I don't know. It's not bad."...more
I never tracked either.  I had mixed feelings about it, but really didn't care.  I fed Baby when ...more

10 Stages of Infant Breastfeeding

Every baby needs to eat, and whether you breast or bottle feed your little lactose lapper, there is no denying that there are stages of infant mealtime.  Here I list the 10 stages I've experienced through breastfeeding 4 babies.1) YOU'VE OBVIOUSLY FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME AND I'M STARVING TO DEATH AND SERIOUSLY ABOUT TO DIE SO FEEDMENOW!They notify you of this stage by crying or screaming long and loud, with very little warning, and they cry so hard that they fail to notice the nipple brushing against their lips for at least 10 full seconds....more
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