Lie #2: Pacifiers are Bad

I am big fan of pacifiers.  Unfortunately, my daughter never took one and I came to peace with being her human pacifier. But, I recommend pacifiers quite a bit.  Funny, since practically every other breastfeeding professional seems to hate them and sites them as the source of all evil....more

The Bitter Sweet Goodbye

My Reluctant Extended Breastfeeding Journey and Nursing My Toddler

If you would have asked me three years ago about my plans for breastfeeding, I probably would have told you that I might try to nurse for 6 weeks. I would have made a face at the idea that I would nurse for a year, let alone PAST a year....more

Birth Matters, but It Isn’t Everything.

Birth Matters.33% of babies are born via cesarean section. In some areas, that number creeps as high as 45%.66% of women who have a vaginal birth receive epidural anesthesia during labor; in some areas, that number is closer to 78%. Individual hospitals report rates as high as 95%....more

5 Clothing Essentials for Nursing Moms

After three kids and 67 months breastfeeding (plus hopefully at least another two for my toddler and probably another 24 for baby #4 on the way), I've spent way more time in my nursing clothes than I ever will in my expensive maternity clothes. ...more
Great post!more

The Best Lactation Cookies Ever!

  A friend of mine just had a baby and one of my favorite things I got when Miss H was born was a batch of lactation cookies from my cousin....more

Lie #1: Breastfeeding Will Be Easy

I am going to be a little negative here. I am not trying to discourage you from breastfeeding.  I am going to tell you the truth.I promise you that I will always tell you the truth.  I am not going to sugar coat stuff for you. You are a big girl and you have a right to know what your are getting yourself into by choosing to breastfeed.The truth is that often, breastfeeding is really, really hard.But isn’t it natural? Haven’t women been doing this for thousands of years?...more

You Want Support. You Need Stretch.

 It’s awesome to have a support network when you are a new mama. You need that unconditional love.  But sometimes, a support network can feel little more like an enabling network.  Those who support you don’t want to see you get hurt or endure any pain. They don’t want you to make mistakes. They want to protect you from challenges that may be difficult for you. They try to save you....more

Have You Gotten a Pump from Your Insurance Company Yet?

Did you know that the Affordable Care Act requires health insurance companies to cover personal use breast pumps?Well, most insurance companies are compliant with this and they are covering really nice, high quality double electric breast pumps.Have you called your insurance company and spoken to a representative who told you that you only qualify for a pump if there is medical necessity?  Well, removing milk that your boobs are making is medically necessary and insurance reps have a lot of catching up to do on the ACA....more

Give the Man a Chance: Part 2

More Rules for Letting Daddy Learn How to FatherLast week, I gave tips for new breastfeeding mamas to help their partners when it seems that breastfeeding is the only way to soothe the baby. Now, to address more mama complaints (and to offer solutions!):“He gets up to help me at night, but he ends up just staring at me and nodding off.”...more