A Brexit, You Say? Fat Chance!

I don’t usually make political predictions because I’m generally wrong (and who likes to be wrong?).  Today, however, I will go out on a limb and predict that Clinton will win the U.S. presidential election and that Britain will elect to remain in the European Union.  I am willing to take the chance of making such predictions not only because I believe them to be true, but also because, this time, I will raise a cheer if I’m wrong on either count....more

Wheat has been in Britain longer than first thought.

According to new archaeological evidence, wheat was traded in Britain 8,000 years ago....more

Don't Let Your Pet Hold You Back From European Travel

 Have you always wanted to visit Britain but hesitated because you didn’t want to leave your pet behind? Well pack your bags and get an extra-long-lasting chew toy because the UK is the perfect vacation destination for pet owners....more

British Isles County Maps

Below is a slideshow of some maps I have found and modified of county maps for Ireland, England, and Scotland....more

British Week

Brits of Italy rejoice, it's British week at Lidl!! ...more

Vintage Fashion Fairs - UK

..to see, touch, smell vintage fashion So many of us buy online these days, it’s so easy and even cheap to have things shipped right to your door and all in the comfort of your own home. I do this myself alot and heck my own shop is based online so I am feeding into the online buying mania myself but when buying vintage there is nothing better then seeing pieces in person. Touching, smelling, taking in the true age of each and every bit of the item that you simply miss when looking at a picture on your screen....more

(VIDEO) First Black Female MP Diane Abbott Bids for Britain's Labour Party Leadership -- Why She's One to Watch

UPDATE June 9: After the withdrawal of John Mc Donnell, Diane Abbott secured the 33 nominations needed to secure a spot on the ballot in the leadership elections this fall. News reports and blog reactions here: ...more


Alternative historical scenarios allow us to better understand the specific decisions that various politicians have made in the real history. Any head of state, while making a decision, approximate, in one way or another, the possible future in case of both fulfilling the appointed decision and its cancellation. Today’s reconstruction of the virtual past leads us to better understanding of the historical persons’ motivation and lets us estimate how justified their decisions had been....more